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Car insurance refused: now what?

When your application for car insurance is refused, it is of course very annoying. Without car insurance, you are not allowed to drive your vehicle. On this page, we will explain how it is possible that your application is denied and what you can do to insure your car.

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car insurance refused

What is the reason why my car insurance is refused?

If your car insurance is refused, this can have several causes. Car insurers are critical whether they accept an application or not. The acceptance conditions also differ per insurer. It can happen that one insurer refuses your application, but another insurer accepts your application. The insurer will have to substantiate the refusal in writing. Make sure you always request this explanation so you know why your car insurance has been refused.

Car insurance refused? Apply for insurance here!

10 reasons for refusing car insurance

There are various reasons why an insurer may reject your application. Here are the 10 most important reasons.

1. Default

Another important reason for refusal is that you are registered as a defaulter with a previous insurance company. Via a database, all insurers can check whether you have already been suspended for non-payment for too long. In this case, a refusal will often be the result.

2. Damage history

A first and common reason for refusal is that your insurance history shows that you have made repeated claims. In this case, the insurer will assess you as too high a risk and will consider your car insurance refused.

3. Young driver with a fast car

Young drivers who like to take to the road in a sporty and fast car will also often encounter refusal. Insurers assume that young drivers with little driving experience and a fast car present an increased risk of accidents and consequently damage.

4. Driving disqualification or prohibition

People who have been banned from driving can also be refused when applying for car insurance. A driving ban indicates the non-compliance with certain traffic rules and this entails a higher risk of accidents.

5. A criminal record

Do you have a criminal record? Then this could be the reason why your car insurance is refused. Your criminal record may have nothing to do with your driving record. Insurers see someone with a criminal record as an increased moral hazard. They assume that a person with a criminal record is less compliant with insurance rules. Because of this, they consider the risk of damage, for example, to be too high and will reject an insurance application in most cases.

6. Fraud

If you have committed insurance fraud in the past, this is registered in the CIS database. Fraud does not only include serious crimes, but also concealing information during an insurance application. If you withhold or distort information during an application and the insurer finds out, your insurance will be terminated immediately or refused. You will be registered as a fraudster and it will not be easy to get a new car insurance.

7. Uninsured car is registered for a long time

In the Netherlands, it is a legal obligation to take out at least a third-party car insurance as soon as the car's registration number is in your name. Even if you do not drive the car, it must be insured. This can easily be checked by the RDW. If the car remains uninsured for too long, you not only risk a fine, but there is also a good chance that your application for car insurance will be rejected. Many insurance companies do not want to insure a car that should have been insured a long time ago.

8. Inadequate protection of your car

Certain makes of car and expensive models are prone to theft. You will have to secure these cars extra, for instance with an immobiliser or an alarm system. Is the security not according to the insurer's requirements? This is a reason to refuse your car insurance. On this page you can read more about the security requirements for your car.

9. Your age

Your age can also be a reason for refusing car insurance. This is sometimes the case with very young or somewhat older drivers. Insurers make a risk analysis. Research has shown that very young drivers cause more damage, which makes the risk too big for the insurer. That is why the insurer charges a higher premium or even rejects the application.

10. Car insurance is refused, but the registration is incorrect

Your car insurance may be refused because of a CIS registration, but what if this registration is incorrect? If you suspect that your registration in the CIS database is incorrect, you can request a correction.

The car insurance is refused and now what?

The above are some of the reasons why your car insurance may be refused. Of course, there may be other situations where an insurer will not accept your application. There is no set list of conditions that a person has to fulfil in order to get car insurance. Therefore, it is possible that you are refused by one insurer because of a past incident, but that this is not an obstacle for another insurer to accept your application. If you are refused, you can check with a number of other companies to see if they will be able to accommodate you.

Get auto insurance directly from Vereende through Alpina if you have been denied!

What if you have visited several insurers and insurance companies and your application is refused each time? In that case you may be able to turn to De Vereende, a company set up by various insurers specifically for people who pose a great risk to the individual companies. In most cases De Vereende will accept the car insurance, but the premium will be considerably higher than for a regular car insurance. This higher premium is because of the higher risk. How high the premium is depends on a number of factors.

Also, you often have a deductible with third-party insurance. This excess must be paid in advance together with the premium. The Vereende will also assess per application whether it is accepted or not. In addition, additional conditions often apply when taking out insurance. Alpina is an intermediary for the Vereende. This means that with us you can take out insurance with the Vereende.

Car insurance refused? Apply for insurance here!

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