Is a car alarm mandatory for my car?

You always want to preventtheft or burglary of your car. One of the things you can do yourself to secure your car is to install a car alarm. But which car insurance policies require a car alarm? What risks do you run when your car alarm does not meet the insurers' requirements?

When is a car alarm mandatory for my car?

With car insurance with a single basic third-party coverage, the insurer will not require an alarm system. With a WA coverage there is no coverage for car theft and car burglary. This is different for car insurance with WA limited casco or WA All Risk coverage, where the insurer does assume the theft/burglary risk. In these cases, insurers may impose certain safety or alarm requirements.

There are various alarm requirements that an insurer can impose on your car. This depends on the make and type of car. It also differs from one insurer to another. There may be specific alarm requirements if you own a car with a high catalogue value, for example. But also certain vintage cars, sporty cars or certain limited editions may have alarm requirements.

What type of alarm do I need for my car?

Which type of alarm system the insurer requires depends on various factors. The Kiwa SCM foundation has subdivided the different types of alarm systems into five different security classes. Which security class your insurer demands, depends on which car insurance you have. You can find this on the policy and clause sheet that you received from your insurer.

What should you do?

  1. Check your policy and your vehicle's clause sheet to see which alarm system is required for your car.
  2. Make sure your KIWA SCM certificate is renewed annually by a recognised company.
  3. Do you have questions about your alarm system or your car insurance? Please contact us via the chat or by phone on 088 688 3710.

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