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What to do if your car key is stolen?

If your car key is stolen, that's obviously annoying enough. You probably don't experience this very often. Because of this, it can raise a number of questions. What should you do when this happens? How do you get new car keys? Is this covered under car insurance? Does it affect your bonus-malus position and claim-free years?

Car key stolen

If your car key is stolen, always report it to the police. You can also have the stolen key(s) programmed out at the car dealer where you bought the car. This will prevent thieves from taking the car. Do you not have a spare key and it is not possible to move the car? Then it is wise to call your car dealer or the ANWB. They can make sure that the car can be opened and towed to the dealer if necessary.

The reimbursement depends on the coverage chosen on your car insurance. If you have car insurance with third-party coverage, theft of the car key(s) is not covered. A limited liabilityor all-risk coverage usually provides coverage for new keys and replacing the locks. Usually there is a maximum reimbursement and you pay a deductible first. These amounts can be found in the policy conditions and do not affect your claim-free years and no-claim discount.
It is possible that, in case of theft of car key(s), an insurer demands that also the locks have to be replaced. If you do not do this, the car will no longer be insured from that moment on.

Car key stolen

Car key lost or misplaced

If you have lost or misplaced your car key(s), unlike in the case of theft, this is usually not compensated. If this is compensated, you will first pay your deductible and it will be at the expense of your no-claim discount and claim-free years. In some cases it will be more profitable for you to bear the costs yourself. When you claim the theft damage, the premium per month will be increased. So it is wise to check in advance whether it is cheaper to bear the cost yourself.
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Car key stolen from house

Was your car key stolen in a break-in at your home? If so, your contents insurance may provide coverage. Having new keys made and car locks replaced may be covered by contents insurance.

Car stolen without keys

Has your car been stolen, but you are still in possession of the keys? This may be the case, for example, of a car with keyless entry.

If you have WA limited collision or all-risk coverage then you can claim the theft of the car on your car insurance policy. Normally, you have to be able to produce 2 car keys in case of car theft. That is not a problem in this case, since your car was stolen without the car keys being used for this purpose.
However, insurers handle a car theft without keys differently. Want to know if your car insurance covers it? To do so, check the policy terms and conditions.

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