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How can I prevent a car theft?

It's hard to imagine your car being stolen. Of course, good car insurance is indispensable. You can also secure your car against break-ins. What should you pay attention to and how do you ensure the best possible security?

How do I prevent car theft?

How do you prevent your car from being stolen? Of course it can never be completely prevented. But you can make it as difficult as possible for thieves or burglars. You can secure your car as well as possible. We have also listed a few tips for you below:

  1. Park your car in a visible and well-lit place. This allows others to see your car.
  2. Never leave valuables such as a smartphone, camera, (laptop) bag/case, car papers, money or credit cards in the car.
  3. Show that there are no valuables in your car by opening the glove compartment.
  4. Do not store things under your seat.
  5. Always lock the car, even if you are only away for a short time.

For owners of cars with keyless entry, additional tips have been compiled to protect the car against theft:

  1. When not in use, keep the key in a steel box or wrap it in aluminium foil.
  2. Do not keep the key within 6 metres of the outer wall. This is because the signal from the key reaches a maximum of 6 metres. Within these 6 metres, the signal can be picked up by criminals.
  3. Switch off the keyless entry system or have it blocked at your garage. It is often possible to disable the system in the settings of your car.
  4. Get good car insurance.
Preventing car theft

Taking alarm system in the car?

The chance of burglary and theft is reduced by an alarm system in the car. There are 5 classes in which security systems are divided; from simple (alarm class 1) to very extensive (alarm class 5). Since 1998, all cars produced in Europe have been fitted with the simplest security system as standard. For theft-sensitive cars such as convertibles and more expensive cars, car insurance companies impose more extensive security requirements. If the security system in your car falls under one of these alarm classes, you will receive a certificate.

After installing an alarm system in the car, the alarm certificate issued is valid for three years. It is important to have the car alarm re-inspected before the certificate expires. It is possible to have a re-inspection done from €71,-. The different alarm classes including explanation can be found here.
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Prevention car theft prevention how?

Is your car stolen in spite of all the measures taken to prevent car theft? Then it is important that you take action quickly and report the theft to the police as soon as possible and inform your insurer.

The police will inform the RDW that your car has been stolen, so that you are not liable for the obligations associated with the car. From that moment on, you no longer pay motor vehicle tax and you are no longer responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle. Your insurer will suspend the car insurance, which means that your insurance will be stopped for a while.

Is your car found again within 30 days and can you drive it again? Then the police will pass this on to the RDW. From that moment on you are again obliged to insure your car. If your car insurance was stopped temporarily, you can contact the insurer and tell them that your car has been found. They will reactivate the car insurance for you.

Getting appropriate car insurance which ones are convenient?

When choosing car insurance, it is important that you compare different insurers. After all, you have dozens of insurers to choose from. If one insurer is too expensive, choose another cheaper insurer. Comparing car insurance is important. By doing so, you ensure that the cost of your car insurance is not too high and that you purchase a suitable car insurance policy for your car. At www.alpina.nl , you can easily compare car insurance premiums online and make an informed choice.

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