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Is theft from your car without breaking and entering covered?

Have items been stolen from your car, but there is no break-in damage? Normally, the damage caused by a car break-in falls under the coverage of your car insurance, provided that you have WA-restricted cascoor all-risk coverage. Insurers have the condition that the theft has to be proven by traces of breaking and entering. What about theft from your car without breaking and entering?

Car theft without forced entry

Car theft without forced entry

Theft of your car without any sign of forced entry is not covered by your car insurance. Even if you do not receive any compensation, it is important that you always report the theft. This way the police can try to trace the perpetrators. This way, you can recover the damages you suffered from the perpetrators. You can report this to the police station, but you can also report it online from your computer or laptop at home.

In the case of car theft with no signs of forced entry, there is no need to call 911 unless you catch the perpetrator(s) in the act. In that case, the police can come immediately to apprehend the perpetrators.
Additionally, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of receiving insurance reimbursement. Try to prove the theft through surveillance footage that captured the burglary. Find out if there have been more car break-ins in the neighborhood, with no signs of forced entry. If there are frequent nuisances in the neighborhood, the police can take additional measures and mobilize the neighborhood to reduce and prevent future burglaries. In addition, always check carefully that your car is locked. Do not put valuables in your car and make sure it is properly secured.
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Theft of a car without breaking and entering

Have you been the victim of theft from your car without any signs of forced entry and do you have current home contents insurance? Then it is wise to check the policy conditions of your home contents insurance. Sometimes stolen items from your car fall under the exterior coverage of your contents insurance. Here too, you need to be able to prove the theft by means of forced entry. If there are no signs of forced entry, it is unfortunately not possible to claim these items on your contents insurance. 

Own risk and claim-free years

Because in most cases there is no cover from your insurance and the perpetrators are unknown, you will have to pay the costs yourself. This will not be at the expense of your own risk or damage-free years.

However, if your car has been broken into, the damage will be covered by your car insurance if you have at least third-party limited liability insurance. In case of break-in damage, you do not lose the number of claim-free years.

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