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Why change car insurance cover?

When you take out a car insurance policy, you can choose between three different types of cover. For new cars, the most extensive WA-casualty insurance is the most logical option. For old cars, WA car insurance is often chosen. Which cover is the best choice depends on several factors.

You can save a lot of money by tailoring your car insurance cover to your personal situation and to the car. First, we will explain the standard coverages and then we will give you some guidance on how to select the one that is right for you and your car.

Third-party insurance

This cover is compulsory. In case of damage caused by the car, this car insurance can be used to compensate the damage caused to third parties. In case of damage, the other party can claim your insurer directly to compensate the damage. Your own damage cannot be recovered from the insurance.

WA limited casco

In the event of fault damage, only the damage for which you are liable is reimbursed by the car insurance company. Your own damage is only compensated in certain cases mentioned in the policy. These include coverage in the event of:

  • Theft of the car
  • Window breakage
  • Hail damage
  • Damage by fire

WA casco

The WA-casco car insurance (all risks) is the most extensive and also the most expensive type of insurance. Besides the coverage as in the other two forms, this insurance also pays out for the own damage. Vandalism and damage caused by an unknown perpetrator are also compensated by the insurer. If the damage is caused by someone else, the insurer will also pay out. The damage is then recovered by the insurer from the person who caused it.

Convert car insurance to third-party cover

Which type of insurance is the best choice?

This seems like a simple question, but the opposite is true. For new cars up to six years old, it is wise to choose WA-casco car insurance. The premium is determined based on the new value. For older cars, the premium will therefore be relatively too high. In case of damage, the daily value is the starting point. Still, there is something to be said for insuring cars older than six years third-party liability. Especially if you have built up several claim-free years.

An example to illustrate this

You own a 2007 VW Golf with a daily value of approximately €8,000. Based on the age of the car, third-party insurance no longer makes sense. You have built up 8 claim-free years. How can you best insure the car? From our calculation tool shows that the premium for WA-casualty insurance amounts to €30 per month.

The premium for WA limited casco car insurance is €17,50 and for WA €13,50 per month for the cheapest insurer. For an additional amount of respectively €12,50 and €16,50 per month, you can prevent that your car of €8.000 is not compensated in case of a damage caused by you. In this case, it certainly pays off to choose WA-casco car insurance, despite the age of the car.

What happens in case of damage if the car is not insured under WA-casualty?

In the event of an accident, the more limited coverages do not pay for your own loss. If the damage is recoverable, the party causing the damage must be held liable. The insurance company will not do this for you. Fortunately, you can outsource it free of charge to The damage is neatly recovered for you and the costs that are made, are paid by the other party.

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