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What is WAM insurance?

You have probably heard of third-party liability insurance. In this context, third-party insurance stands for legal liability insurance. And what does WAM insurance entail? WAM stands for the Dutch Motor Insurance Liability Act. This law consists of 42 articles and deals with the insurance obligation for motor vehicles. Within the framework of this act, the term motor vehicle is defined quite broadly. For the sake of convenience, you can in any case assume that your car falls under the WAM. So, if you have bought a car, do not forget the Take out the legally compulsory WAM insurance. You risk hefty fines if you are not insured under the WAM. And are you involved in an accident without WAM insurance? Then the damage can be recovered from your personal assets. This can be quite expensive.

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WAM insurance

Am I WAM insured?

Are you unsure whether you are WAM insured with your car? This uncertainty may exist, for example, in the following situations:

  • No premium has been debited for some time (e.g. due to financial difficulties);
  • You buy a car that is still insured according to the seller;
  • you recently insured your car but don't know if " coverage is already in place.

If you are not sure whether you are WAM insured, it is a good idea to check this with the RDW licence plate check. Here you enter the number plate and press the button 'request data'. Under the bar 'status of the vehicle' you can then see whether your car is insured under the WAM scheme.

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No WAM insurance

Do you not have WAM insurance? That means you are running quite a risk. When you cause damage to another person or vehicle with your car, you are not covered. This means that without WAM insurance you have to bear the costs of the damage yourself. These costs can be quite high. In addition, there are legal penalties that you should take into account when driving without WAM insurance.

Fine for uninsured driving

Pursuant to Article 30 of the Motor Insurance Liability Act, you run the risk of a fine or even imprisonment if you are not WAM-insured. How much can this fine be? The RDW can impose a fine of around €400. The RDW itself keeps track of whether your car is insured. If it is not, they will eventually send you a fine. In addition, you can be fined by the police if you are stopped in an uninsured vehicle. In all respects, therefore, it is not wise to drive around without WAM insurance. It is forbidden by law and it poses considerable risks to yourself and others.

Take out WAM Insurance

Not sure if you are WAM insured? Then check to be sure. Do you still want to get WAM insurance? Then make sure you send all the requested information as correctly as possible. At Alpina, you can easily take out WAM insurance. Calculate your premium here.

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