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How high is the excess of my car insurance?

When taking out a car insurance policy, the term 'excess' is sure to come up. The level of the own risk of your car insurance is largely up to you. You almost never have an own risk with a WA car insurance, because with this type of insurance no damage to your own car is insured. However, an insurer can decide to apply an excess for certain risks. With the other types of coverage, you usually have an excess, but how high is it and what determines it?

What is the excess for a car insurance?

You can choose to take a higher excess. You will then pay less premium per month. This way you can quickly save tens to hundreds of euros per year on your car insurance. When comparing car insurance, pay attention to the amount of the deductible in comparison to the monthly premium. It is a big risk you take, because you can never predict if you will cause damage to your car.

A higher excess also means that you will have to pay a higher amount yourself in case of damage. The insurer will pay out the rest of the claim amount that remains after deducting your excess. If you have a claim amount of €2500 and an excess of €300, the payment from the insurer will be €2500 minus €300 (your excess) = €2200.

Please note: For windscreen damage, other rules often apply regarding the excess.

In the case of lease cars, the contract will stipulate the amount of the excess. When entering into such a contract, pay close attention to the rules for damage. How much excess will you be charged? The amount of the excess in case of damage differs per provider.

excess car insurance

Car insurance excess

The amount of the deductible is therefore largely determined by you. However, most insurers work with a standard excess. This amount is usually between €130 and €150. There are even some insurers who do not use an excess. In addition, you can sometimes buy off the excess. In that case, the insurer pays the full amount of the damage. You then pay a higher monthly premium, but you do not have to pay an excess in the event of a claim. Usually you can only buy off the excess for car insurance with all-risk coverage.

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To make sure you do not pay too much for your car insurance, it is smart to compare different car insurances once in a while. Also read our article "compare car insurance also pay attention to the excess". By comparing car insurances, you will find out which one suits you and your car best. For example, you may have insured your new car all-risk at the time. For new cars that is a very suitable coverage. As your car gets older, you can also opt for a less comprehensive cover. By switching, you can save a lot of money. So it pays not only to compare premiums on the basis of the excess, but also on the type of insurance.

Do you have questions about your car insurance excess or other insurance related questions? Check out our frequently asked questions. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions per product. Is your question not listed or do you have additional questions? Please contact us. We will be happy to help you! You can reach us on working days from 08:00 to 18:00 on telephone number 088-6883700.

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