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Is insurance for cars with keyless entry more expensive?

A car insurance locking your car with keyless entry can cause problems. According to the Centre for Crime Prevention, a large proportion of cars with keyless entry do not require a lock. car insurance-keyless-entrydo not meet the new requirements for the CCV Vehicle Security Certificate. Kiwa, the inspection authority, is tightening the requirements and insurers are responding to this. What are the consequences for your car insurance when you own a car with keyless entry?

Car with keyless entry

A car with keyless entry is a car that can be opened, closed and started without needing a car key. Where it was previously seen as a luxury option when buying a car, it is increasingly seen as being prone to theft. The principle is simple: doors are equipped with a sensor or button. When you take hold of one of the doors, the car sends a signal to the key, which responds with a code. If the code is correct, the doors will unlock. If you touch the door again, it will lock again.

The danger of keyless entry is that criminals can pick up the signal from the key and 'extend' it wirelessly to a transmitter. When the car touches the door, it thinks the key is nearby and unlocks it.

Tightened requirements

To obtain the Vehicle Security Certificate, all cars with keyless entry will require an additional measure as of 1 July 2020. Models that have been on the market for some time are expected to have problems. In many cases, these cars will not have systems that meet the new security requirements.

Cars that are new on the market will almost all have good security. Therefore, the stricter requirements will not cause any problems.

Reaction of insurers

The reaction of insurers is different. To be able to take out insurance against theft, a number of insurers will impose extra security requirements. If you are not in possession of a new CCV vehicle security certificate, it is not possible to take out a car insurance with these insurers. Besides extra security requirements, some insurers will increase the premium for a car with keyless entry. There are also insurers who will not change anything.

It does not mean that if you do not have a certificate, it is not possible to take out a car insurance for a keyless entry car. Ask your insurer about the requirements. Are you already in possession of a (valid) certificate? The insurer might have additional requirements.


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