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Where is the green card obligatory?

After taking out a car insurance policy, the insurer will send you a green card. It is proof that your car is insured. In the Netherlands it is not compulsory to always carry the green card with you when you go out by car. Nevertheless, it can be useful to have it with you. There are also a number of countries where it is compulsory to have your original green card with you. The original card is really green, a copy is not allowed. Which countries these are, you can read on this page.

What is the green card?

The green card is an international insurance certificate. It allows the police throughout the EU to check in the central registers whether you are insured. The green card also contains all kinds of practical information, such as telephone numbers to call in the event of a breakdown, accident or theft.

It seems logical that this one is actually green, otherwise the card would have had a different name. Insurers are increasingly working with a digital certificate of insurance. This is no longer a document, but a pdf on your phone, for example. Still, it is advisable to print the card on green paper. Especially to avoid confusion. Initially, it was also agreed that the international certificate of insurance would be printed on green paper. So just keep it green.

green card

Why green card?

Regardless of the language spoken in the country, it is clear what the information on the card means. About 70 years ago, this card was developed to protect victims of road accidents when the perpetrator was a foreign car. It was compulsory for motorists to carry the card with them when driving abroad. It was also useful for the motorist, as it contained all the necessary information about car insurance. The green card is still there, but is usually not mandatory anymore. Read more about what a green card is here.

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Do you have to carry the green card?

Within the EU, you no longer need the international insurance certificate. There is often confusion about whether or not this card is compulsory in Belgium. Belgians themselves are obliged to have it. The obligation may not exist, but in case of an accident it is better to have the proof with you. Outside the EU, the green card is not compulsory in, among other places:

  • Norway
  • Andorra
  • Iceland
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein

There are many countries where the card is obligatory

Especially further afield, there are still many countries where the card is compulsory. The following countries are examples:

  • Albania;
  • Bosnia (and Herzegovina);
  • Israel;
  • Iran
  • Morocco;
  • Moldova;
  • Montenegro;
  • Ukraine;
  • Russia;
  • Republic of Serbia;
  • Tunisia;
  • Turkey;
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia;
  • Belarus.

Some insurers no longer provide a physical green card with car insurance, but the authorities in these countries do not agree. It is better to print the pdf on green paper. It is better to let the insurer do it, because there are demands on the quality of the card. After all, it has to be an official document.

To sum up, the green card is not compulsory in green. But if you have the document in writing, you better make sure it is printed on green paper. Different conditions apply for the caravan. Please take this into account when going on holiday with the caravan.

Apply for a new green card

If you have not received a new green card or if you have lost your green card, you can request a new green card very easily and completely free of charge.

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