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Can I get car insurance for my Alfa Romeo?

Are you looking for car insurance for your Alfa Romeo? At Alpina we compare best car insurance for you on price but also on quality. For every type of Alfa Romeo we have a suitable car insurance for you. Within minutes we compare carefully selected car insurance companies for you. Have you made a choice? Then you can easily take out your Alfa Romeo car insurance with us.

Alfa Romeo car insurance

About Alfa Romeo

Since its foundation in 1910, the Alfa Romeo brand has become a motor racing legend and a symbol of Italian design and technical craftsmanship. In addition to sporty family cars, coupés and cabriolets, the brand is also known for its legendary sports cars. This is partly due to the fact that Alfa Romeo has been involved in motor racing since its early years.

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What models are there of Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has put various models on the market. Below an overview of all Alfa Romeo models:

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Which car insurance policy to choose for your Alfa Romeo

When choosing an Alfa Romeo car insurance, different factors play a role. You can think about the age and the daily value of the car but also about the accumulated years without claims. If you have accumulated several years of damage free driving, you can often choose the most extensive insurance for a relatively low premium. The choice for the best coverage of your Alfa Romeo insurance has to be made well-considered. The premium has to be in proportion with the daily value of your Alfa Romeo. For example for a 12 year old car it is not worthwhile to choose the most extensive insurance. The daily value of your car is an important factor.

What is the best cover for your Alfa Romeo?

The most important and obligatory part is the third-party insurance. WA stands for third party liability. This coverage ensures the compensation of damage caused by liability to the other party. The amount of damage can be considerable, especially if the other party becomes incapacitated. The premium for this coverage is the basis for the insurance.

Do you also want the damage to your own car to be compensated? Then you can opt for a broader coverage, such as WA limited casco and Allrisk. These covers are more extensive, but also more expensive. With WA-limited Casco coverage, you are also insured for window damage and theft, among other things.

With All-Risk coverage, you are also insured for damage to your own car. This coverage has the highest premium, but is often a wise choice, especially with new cars.

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At Alpina, we have over 50 years of experience comparing and underwriting car insurance. Insure your Alfa Romeo through Alpina? We compare the best car insurance policies for your situation. Have you chosen a car insurance for your Volkswagen? Then you can take out car insurance right away. Why choose Alpina?

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In addition, your application will be assessed immediately and take effect when you want. You can then immediately take to the road with confidence.

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