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APK expired penalty: what are the consequences?

Driving a car without a valid MOT is punishable by law. If you are caught this can have unpleasant consequences. For example, you risk a fine from both the police and the RDW. Read more about the consequences of an expired MOT here.

Fine expired MOT

Six weeks before the APK obligation expires, you will be informed of the expiration date. The RDW sends you a letter with the exact date when your APK expires. With this letter, the RDW tries to encourage people to make an appointment in time for an MOT inspection. You can also check the expiration date online on the RDW website. So 'I haven't had a letter' is not a valid excuse for letting your MOT expire. If the RDW discovers that your MOT has expired, you will be fined.

How high is the fine for driving without an MOT?

Two months after your MOT expires, you will automatically receive a fine from the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB). Even if you do not drive your car on public roads, you will receive a fine for not complying with the APK obligation. In the Boetenbase of the Public Prosecutor's Office you will find all fine amounts for (minor) offenses. In 2020, the fine for an expired MOT is €140. To this is also added €9,- administration costs. So in total you will lose €149,- if you don't get your car MOT tested on time.

Object if you disagree

Have you received a fine because of an expired MOT, but don't agree with it? Then you can always lodge an objection. You can submit an objection directly via the RDW website. Make sure you object in time. This must be done within 6 weeks after you have received the fine.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt from RDW when they have received your objection. After submitting your objection, you may be invited for a hearing. During this hearing, you can explain your objection in person or by telephone to an employee. The employee will then review your objection and its arguments. If a decision is made, you will be informed in writing of the decision on your appeal.

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