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How long does an MOT inspection take?

Exactly how long an MOT inspection takes varies from garage to garage. The average time for an MOT inspection is about 45 minutes. During this time, the car is completely checked against the MOT requirements. It is checked whether your car is still safe enough to participate in traffic. It is also checked whether the car meets all environmental requirements. If any repair points come out of the inspection, extra time is added to the inspection. However, it is also possible that your car will be selected for a random check by the RDW. The RDW uses random sampling to check whether the MOT inspection is carried out properly by the garage. The random check must be performed by the RDW within 90 minutes after the inspection. In that case, the MOT inspection takes longer. Take into account about 2 hours extra.

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Car rejected: now what?

Is your car rejected after the MOT? Then you can read in the inspection report which points the car does not meet the inspection requirements. You are responsible for solving the defects, after which a re-inspection can take place. An MOT re-inspection is a completely new inspection. It is therefore possible that other issues may come to light during the re-inspection. Especially if you go to a different inspection station or get a different inspector.

If your car is MOT rejected and the expiration date has passed, you have 2 months to fix the car. Please note that during those 2 months, you are not allowed to drive the car except when you are on your way to the garage for the MOT re-inspection. In that case, you must be able to prove that you have an appointment at the garage. If your car is not approved after 2 months, you will automatically receive a fine from the RDW. Is it not possible to get the car approved in time and do you want to avoid a fine? Then you can also temporarily suspend the car. The APK obligation then expires for the duration of the suspension.

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