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Why do old and young people pay more for car insurance?

The premium for car insurance depends on the risk. Age is also an important factor. Elderly and young people pay a higher premium for car insurance. Is this difference justified?

Young people in particular find it difficult to take out car insurance. Young drivers are seen as a greater risk until they are 24 years old. Insurers can substantiate this with figures. These inexperienced drivers cause more damage. The same story applies to older drivers. Drivers aged 60 or 70 are usually not affected. People over 80 pay a higher premium. However, you do not have to settle for that. By comparing you can compare several insurers. So don't pay too much.

What makes young people pay more?

They cause more damage and there are more disadvantages. They have limited experience. As a result, they have few claim-free years. There are also fewer insurers offering car insurance to young drivers. Because there are fewer insurers to choose from, the premium will often be higher. On average, young people drive more roughly. When damage occurs, the costs are also higher. On weekends, serious accidents often happen to young drivers with several occupants in the car. This results in very high claims. Of course, insurers pass this on in the premium.

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Older people also pay more for car insurance

The Dutch Association of Insurers has investigated how much older drivers pay more than younger drivers. It concerns a difference of €5 to €10 per month. People in their sixties pay a favourable premium for insurance. Older drivers pay more. They also have fewer options. With certain insurers, people over 75 can no longer take out car insurance. Senior citizens can stay insured at these insurers. They are no longer eligible for a new car insurance.

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Is this not a form of discrimination?

To put groups at a disadvantage because of age can be seen as a form of discrimination. For car insurance premiums it is different. Insurers can substantiate with figures that young and old people cause more damage. According to research of an insurer, an 81 year old (or older) has seven times more chance of having an accident compared to a driver between 61 and 65 years old. Young people up to 24 years of age cause 25% more damage.

However, car insurance premiums do not have to be your problem. You can choose from dozens of insurers. If one insurer is too expensive, choose another. Comparing car insurance is important. In this way you can avoid a high bill. Do you pay a lot for your current insurance? Compare and change your policy.

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