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Selling a car: how do I cancel my car insurance?

Car insurance is an agreement between you and an insurer. With car insurance, both parties sign a contract with rights and obligations that both the insurer and yourself must abide by. Canceling the car insurance is of course possible, but this cannot be done at any time. We would like to give you some explanation about this situation. Canceling the car insurance can be done at three times, namely:

Cancel car insurance

1. Per contract expiry date

This date is listed on the policy schedule. Most insurance companies have a notice period of two or three months. You can find the exact term in the policy conditions.

2. In the event of amendments to the conditions or increase in premiums

If the insurer has increased the premiums or changed the conditions in a negative sense, you have 30 days to cancel the policy. Please note that you cannot cancel your insurance if the premium increase is due to a claim or change. It must be an increase or change that applies to everyone who has car insurance with this insurer.

3. When selling your car

Finally, you can cancel your policy (interim) when you have sold your car. To cancel the insurance, you need to provide a copy of the indemnification certificate as proof of sale. Send the copy to your insurer within 30 days, otherwise you will have to pay an additional month's premium. If you bought a new car, you can also have the policy adjusted based on your new car. When you have purchased a new car, you can also have the insurance policy adjusted based on the new car.


Always read the policy conditions carefully

What conditions for discontinuation an insurer uses varies from insurer to insurer. This can even differ for each insurance policy. Therefore, before taking out (car) insurance, it is very important to read the policy conditions. In the policy conditions you will find all conditions that apply to your insurance. This means that also the conditions for termination are described here. Have you not read the policy terms and conditions beforehand? Then you can of course consult the document when looking for the conditions for termination. Contacting your insurer is of course also a good option.

Suspending car insurance

As long as the car is in your name, it should be insured. Besides canceling the car insurance, you can also choose to suspend the car insurance. In this case, the insurance is temporarily discontinued. As soon as you have a car in your name again, you can reactivate the insurance. Suspending car insurance instead of terminating it, is especially a good option if you have built up negative claim-free years in the current insurance. Negative claim-free years are built up by claiming at-fault damage. You may run into the problem of not being able to buy new insurance when terminating an insurance policy. This may be due to a bad claims history or because you have a criminal record.

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