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When do you have to pay the excess?

When you make a claim on your car insurance, you have to pay an excess, but not always. Not all insurers charge this amount either. What are the rules?

The coverage that insurers offer in car insurance is the same for almost all of them. However, there is a big difference in the excess payable in case of damage. Some insurers don't do that, others do. But beware, there are discounts available. Insurers make agreements with damage repairers. If you have the car repaired by a member repairer, you can often get a discount. Make use of this, because the savings are often considerable.

How much excess do insurers charge?

The car insurance often has a standard excess of €100 or €150. In case of a claim, this is the part of the damage you are responsible for. For glass breakage, a different amount may apply. In case of an insured damage, the insurer pays the damage amount to the repairer, except for the part which is for your own account. You pay for that yourself. In case of a damage for recourse, you will be compensated for your own contribution. This contribution is paid by the person responsible for the damage.

excess payable car insurance

No excess applies for damage to others

Insurers do not charge an excess for the so-called liability cover. This concerns claims on the third-party car insurance. Is your car more broadly insured, and do you also claim damage to your own car from the insurer? Then you do have to pay an excess. At least if it is included in the car insurance.

How much do you pay for windscreen damage?

The costs insurers charge you for windscreen damage vary greatly from one insurer to another. Nevertheless there are similarities which apply to most insurers. When replacing a car window there is often a cost for the policyholder of €135 or €150. If you choose a repairer with whom the insurer has agreements, this amount is halved. There are also insurers who ask for a higher excess of, for example, €500. If you go to an affiliated repairer, you will receive a discount again. If the window is repaired instead of replaced, there is often no excess. However, it is a condition that the repair is carried out by an affiliated bodyshop.

Comparing car insurance is more than just comparing premiums. The amount you have to pay yourself in case of damage should also be taken into account when choosing a car insurance. By paying attention to this, you avoid unpleasant surprises in case of damage. Contact your insurer in case of damage. It often makes a difference where you go for the repair. Going to the right repairer (according to your insurance company) can reduce your costs.

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