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What does the second car scheme mean?

By not claiming any damage on the car insurance you build up claim-free years. These entitle you to a discount of up to 75% or even 85% on the basic premium. The accumulated discount is linked to your car insurance. What if you buy a second car? Do you have to build up claim-free years for this car first in order to get a discount? Fortunately not! You can benefit from the second car scheme.

When you buy a second family car, you cannot use the accrued claim-free years for the insurance. These are used for the first car. Starting with an entry-level discount does not feel fair. You have shown that you have a good claim history. Insurers have also realised this. The second car scheme solves the problem.

How does the second car scheme work?

Insurers use different second car schemes. The most favourable method is to copy the discount on the first car to the second car. For example, you have a 70% discount on the existing car insurance. Because of the second car arrangement, you also get a 70% discount on the second car. Other insurers also offer the possibility to take over the discount of the first car insurance, but only up to a certain discount. Another option is to give a fixed percentage discount for the second car.

What happens in case of damage?

In the second car insurance, the discount is taken over from the first car, but the policies are not linked. In case of damage to one of the two cars, this does not affect the other car insurance.


what does second car scheme mean

Second car scheme does not give claim-free years

When ending the second car insurance policy, you are entitled to the actual claim-free years built up in this policy. The discount makes it seem as if you have built up many claim-free years in the policy, but this is the extra discount in connection with the claim-free driving in the first car. This can create confusion when ending the second car insurance.

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Requirements second car scheme

It is often not permissible to designate the children as regular drivers on the policy. The regulation concerns the regular drivers of the first car. Many insurers also do not allow the second car to be in the name of someone else (e.g. the children). Insurers may also impose restrictions on the amount of the catalogue value of the second car.

Second car scheme with the same insurer?

Normally, the second car must also be insured with the same insurer. There are insurers who are prepared to take into account the claim-free years built up in a policy with another insurer when setting the premium, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Does your insurer not offer this arrangement? A good reason to switch to another car insurance. It can make a big difference to your monthly costs.

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