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Car damage calculation: how are the costs calculated?

Whether it's damage you caused yourself or damage caused by someone else: it's never fun, of course. Especially since car damage can cost a lot of money. A big dent or scratch can cost you several hundred euros. Now you may be wondering: how do insurers calculate the damage amount in case of car damage?

Damage to another how do I resolve this?

By default, you are insured for damage you cause to another person. This is because in the Netherlands it is a legal requirement to have third-party insurance. If you are responsible for the damage to another car, the insurer will pay compensation to the injured party. With only third-party insurance, you are not insured for damage to your own car. For that you need all-risk insurance. The repair costs to your car are then for your own account. You will also lose your claim-free years if you caused the accident yourself.

Damage by another what now?

Has another driver crashed into your car? Then, of course, you yourself are not responsible for the damage. The damage to your car will therefore be compensated by the other party's car insurance company. You keep your accumulated damage free years, because the accident is not your fault. Do you have an all-risk car insurance? Then the insurer will recover the damages from the other party. If you have less comprehensive insurance, you have to recover the damage yourself. In that case you can also call 112schade.nl. They can recover the damage for you from the liable party.

How do I know the daily value of my car?

When calculating the damage amount, the current value of the car plays an important role. This is because a new car loses value as soon as it is registered in your name. From that moment on, the car is no longer new. The amount the car will fetch when it is sold is the current market value. This is the maximum amount your car insurance will pay out in case of damage. Even if the damage amount is higher than the current value, the insurer will assume the current value. An insurer can also assume a new value arrangement (for new cars) or the purchase value arrangement (for used cars).

The claim amount for minor damage

Do you have only minor damage to your car? Then your insurer will probably ask you to stop by a garage to have the damage amount calculated. The garage will then make a calculation of the expected cost and hours it will take to repair the damage. The calculation includes:

  • An estimate of the expected time it will take to repair the damage
  • The expected cost of the parts to be replaced
  • An estimate of the expected time to dent and/or spray parts.

Does the insurer think the calculation is too high? Then they may send an expert by to make a second calculation.

How does insurance determine a major claim?

Do you have substantial damage to your car? Then your car insurance company will send an expert by to make a calculation. The damage expert can calculate the correct damage amount. Here they estimate the repair costs, the decrease in value of the car (the residual value) and the cause of the damage. Based on these factors, they make a cost estimate. A damage expert is almost always called in by an insurance company. This is also the reason why the cost of the expert is paid by the insurer itself.

calculate the amount of damage

When is a car declared a total loss?

A car can be declared economically or technically totaled. A car is economically totaled if the repair costs exceed the value of the car. Here the daily value (before the accident) and the residual value (after the accident) are taken into account. A car is technically totaled if the car is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired. A car can also be declared technically totaled if it has been stolen. Is your car totaled? Then you can get compensation based on the daily value before the damage.

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What is the average amount of damage in case of car damage?

The damage amount depends entirely on the severity of the accident. Small damages naturally cost less to repair than very large damages. Yet even small damages can cost quite a bit. Often it takes much more effort to repair a damage than you initially think, for example if parts have to be unscrewed. For example, minor paint damage to the bumper can easily cost around €400. In addition, the costs differ per car mechanic and garage. Each garage uses a different hourly rate, so one garage may cost more than another. How much time they need to repair the damage also varies from garage to garage. Thus, the amount of damage depends largely on the amount of time and the cost per hour.

How long does it take to receive the claim?

It is difficult to estimate how long it will take to settle your claim. How quickly you get your claim amount paid depends on a number of factors:

  • How quickly the other party sends in the claim forms
  • The speed with which your insurance company or agent processes the claim notification
  • Whether there is a need for further investigation, such as hearing witnesses

An insurance company generally tries to pay out the claim amount as quickly as possible. Have you reported a claim but haven't heard anything yet? Then you can always contact your insurance company or intermediary to find out what the status is.

Car damage costs

Car damage can cost quite a bit. Exactly what the cost of car damage is depends on the part of the car that has been damaged. For example, repairing a small amount of paint damage to the outside mirror cover is cheaper than repairing a large dent in the front bumper. Still, even repairing a minor damage can sometimes be costly. This is because there is often more involved in repairing a (minor) damage than you might think. If you have paint damage to your bumper, it often has to be disassembled and repainted. In addition, there may also be invisible damage, for example behind the bumper. If car parts need to be replaced, a minor damage can suddenly become quite expensive. Depending on your car insurance coverage, though, (part of) the damage will be reimbursed by the insurer. Finally, the cost of car damage varies per garage and/or mechanic.

Calculate car damage

When calculating damage to a car, several factors are considered. What is the extent of the damage? Do any parts need to be replaced and what is the cost? Is any painting required? Does it need to be dented? The bodyshop then looks into the Audatex system to see approximately how much time this will take. Based on this data, the garage makes a calculation for you. There are also a number of websites where you can calculate the car damage online. This will give you an idea of the cost. However, these are not as accurate as a professional calculation by a garage or body shop. If the insurer finds the garage's calculation too high, they can have an expert come by and do a second calculation. In doing so, the expert also looks at the garage's hourly rate.

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