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Car insurance for young people

On average, young people under 24 pay significantly more for their insurance. So it pays to compare different providers carefully.

To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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All about car insurance for young people

Car insurance for young people is often not cheap. On average, young people under 24 pay significantly more for their insurance thanks to a premium surcharge. The differences between insurers can be very large.

In addition, there are often additional requirements for young people who want to purchase car insurance. So it pays to compare different providers carefully.

Compare car insurance for young people

Comparing your car insurance regularly is recommended for everyone. But young people in particular should compare well before buying car insurance. The most expensive and the cheapest insurer can differ by more than a thousand euros a year in premium. So properly comparing car insurance for young people can result in substantial savings.

Young people pay more for car insurance

Statistics show that young people are more likely to cause a claim. Young drivers are more often involved in accidents and therefore belong to a high-risk group. A higher car insurance premium for young people is therefore explainable. More damage results in more potential costs for the insurer. To compensate for these additional costs, they increase the car insurance premium by means of a premium surcharge for young people under the age of 24. Age is thus a factor that determines premiums. By the way, insurance companies do not only look at age. For example, the premium also depends on the type of car and what power the car has. A new or sportier car is often more difficult for young people to insure.

Claim-free years young people

With car insurance for young people, the number of claim-free years also determines the premium for car insurance. You build up claim-free years with an insurer, as long as you don't file any claims through your own fault on the car insurance policy. The more claim-free years you have accumulated, the more discount on the premium. Young people have few or no claim-free years. They therefore miss out on this premium discount.

Car insurance in name of parents

Consequently, many young people who want to buy car insurance think they are being wise by insuring their car in their parents' name. This can indeed save on premiums. But make sure the car is in the name of one of the parents. The car insurance must always be in the name of the owner of the car or his or her partner. However, when taking out the car insurance, you will be asked who the regular driver is. If one of the parents indicate that the young person is, the insurer will base the premium on the young person and you will still pay a higher premium. When parents conceal the fact that their child is the regular driver, there can be serious consequences. This is because in this case, insurance fraud is committed because incorrect information has been provided to the insurer.

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