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Commercial motor insurance cover

Company car insurance can be taken out in a few minutes, but it is important to choose the right coverage. Too little coverage will cost you money in case of damage. If the coverage is too wide, you pay too much premium.

Third-party insurance or third-party limited hull insurance may be the right insurance for your company car, but beware of choosing too limited a cover in your company car insurance. In case of damage, the consequences of too little coverage become clear. The wrong choice can cost you thousands of euros. Therefore, look at the possibilities to come to an appropriate coverage.

Which cover suits my company car?

On the Internet you often read that you should insure a company car from a certain age with only limited coverage. This well-intentioned advice can turn out to be bad advice. You need to look beyond the age of the car to choose the best coverage. You can choose from the following coverages:

Opting for WA commercial motor insurance

It is the cheapest of the three, but also has the most limited coverage. The WA company car insurance only pays for liability damages caused by the company car. This coverage is required by law. The other two coverages are also based on third party liability. The third-party insurance is often chosen for an older company car. However, it should be noted that it is often still possible to choose a more extensive cover for a car that is, say, 10 years old. Especially if you have many claim-free years. A 75% discount on the company car insurance can make the difference in premium between third-party and third-party + limited hull insurance small.

Choose the WA + limited casco

Compared to the WA company car insurance, the coverage in this type of insurance is broader. Common causes of damage like theft, hail damage and broken windows are included in this type of insurance. The difference in premium compared to third-party insurance is often small. WA + limited hull insurance also pays out for theft and collisions with stray animals. This coverage is often chosen for company cars older than 3 years and younger than 10 years. But also for this coverage you can consider to choose the all-risk company car insurance when the premium differences are small.

The most comprehensive commercial motor insurance - all risks

For a new and young car up to a few years old, the all-risk company car insurance is usually chosen. This also offers coverage for damage to your company car caused by your own fault. A mistake in traffic can happen to anyone, so it is better to be insured against it. The premium is based on the new value of the car. Therefore the all-risk company car insurance is often not suitable for older cars.

Extend coverage with additional insurances

When taking out company car insurance, you can tailor the cover to your needs by choosing additional insurances. For example, you can choose accident passenger insurance or damage passenger insurance. These insurances pay out an amount in case of damage to the passengers due to an accident. A payment is also made in the event of death. Also take a look at the personal transport insurance. It insures the things in your car that are not covered by the company car insurance.

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