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How do I take out comprehensive household insurance?

When you are orienting yourself on household insurance, you will see all kinds of different coverages passing by. For example extensive, extra extensive and most extensive. The last one is also called the all-risk-coverage.


Content insurance all risk

What items are included in the contents?

Things in your house are part of the contents. This only does not apply if they are attached to the floor and nail, which means that you cannot move them without damaging them. Think of a glued parquet floor or kitchen.

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What is comprehensive household insurance?

This insurance offers coverage for all external calamities and all unforeseen damage. However, damages that fall under the catastrophe risk are usually excluded. Examples are earthquakes, floods, acts of war and nuclear reactions.

If more claims are excluded, this is stated in the terms and conditions of the policy.

Is there an all-risk household insurance without excess?

Many times you can choose the desired amount of the deductible. However, there are also insurance companies that require a minimum deductible of, say, €100. Do you choose to increase the deductible? Then you will determine a lower premium.
Our staff can inform you which insurance company (with whom we cooperate) may offer insurance without a deductible.

Can I take out household insurance online?

Via our website, you can easily apply for our comprehensive household insurance. Of course, you will need information about your home and its contents. It is useful to collect these in advance.

If you prefer to take out contents insurance in person, you can of course call us. We can then go through the possibilities with you and also compare insurances with each other.

Can I also take out household insurance for peculiarities in my personal situation?

Has insurance been terminated in the past due to failure to pay the premium on time? Or are you registered with the CIS Foundation? If so, regular insurers often have no way of insuring your contents.

Fortunately, it is always possible to insure your household effects with insurer De Vereende. In principle they accept everyone. Unfortunately an all-risk household insurance is not possible. De Vereende does offer coverage for damage caused by fire, theft, precipitation, storm and leakage. This is not all-risk coverage. If you want to know more about this, you can call us. Click here to apply for De Vereende contents insurance.

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