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What is a CIS registration?

CIS is the abbreviation of "Central Information System Foundation. This foundation is intended for all insurers and proxies. The CIS manages information that can be of great importance to insurers. This is information that can affect the determination of a premium. An insurance policy may even be rejected on the basis of information managed by the CIS. A registration with Stichting CIS can therefore have far-reaching consequences for the conclusion of a car insurance policy, for example. It is therefore good to look into it a little further. Because what is a CIS registration? And how can you get a CIS registration? How long will you remain registered with CIS and how do you request data? We are happy to inform you about this.

Delete CIS registration

How long will I remain CIS-registered?

How long a CIS registration remains in the system depends on what was registered. If it is a special notification registration then your data will be kept for a maximum of 8 years. In other cases, the registration is automatically deleted after 5 years at the latest. For driving disqualifications, the count of these 5 years only starts on the last day of the driving disqualification.

Removing a CIS registration before the maximum duration has expired can only be done by the person who entered the registration into the system. If you object to a registration and this turns out to be justified, the insurer can remove the registration itself.

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What exactly is a CIS registration?

As mentioned, the CIS foundation represents the interests of insurers. This means that the CIS foundation manages data, which may be of importance to the insurer. So see the process of CIS registration as follows:

  1. You apply for insurance or you file a claim.
  2. The insurer will ask you all kinds of questions based on which the policy can be drafted, or the claim can be compensated.
  3. Does the insurer need more information? Then the CIS foundation will be consulted.
  4. A check is done in the CIS database and based on this, it is checked whether a person has filled in the application form truthfully.

By using and checking the CIS database, insurers have more security. The importance of a good risk assessment is, after all, important for the survival of the insurance sector.

For what things can you get a CIS registration?

A CIS registration can have several causes. An insurer can request data from the CIS foundation. This involves looking at exactly what you are registered for. This includes the following data:

Damage reports

All claims you file with the insurer are tracked. Here it does not matter who is at fault for the claim. Actual records and personal information are kept of each claim.

Uninsured motor vehicles

When an uninsured motor vehicle is involved in an accident, the data of the owner and the driver of the vehicle will be registered by the CIS Foundation.

Insurance cancellation by insurer

An insurer has the right to cancel your insurance. If you fail to pay the premium for an extended period of time or if the insurer finds that you have intentionally provided false information, the insurer may terminate the insurance. Not all policy terminations are registered in the CIS database. If a policyholder has not fulfilled his contractual or financial obligation, the insurer or power of attorney may register the termination in the CIS database as a result.

Driving disqualification

If you receive a driving disqualification, it is recorded by the CIS Foundation.

Special reports

The CIS database is a control tool, not a rejection tool. EVRs, Confidential Notices, license plate holder and uninsured motorist data, driving disqualifications, total loss reports and Sanction Lists are also called Special Reports. These are reports from which a participant can infer more about the morality of the person involved or which are especially linked to an object.

The consequences of a CIS registration

Insurers use the data from the CIS database when assessing new applications. Based on the data in the database, an insurer may decide not to accept an application for car insurance. For instance, for someone who is registered for committing insurance fraud, the chance is high that this person will not be accepted. By the way, in the CIS register only information related to car insurance is stored. However, insurers of other types of insurance also use the information from CIS when assessing new applications.

The Vereende and a CIS registration

When you apply for insurance or file a claim, the insurer may check with Stichting CIS. What the insurer does with this information varies by case and company. For example, if you want to take out car insurance and you are not accepted by a regular company, De Vereende offers a solution.

De Vereende is a company that does want to insure special risks where regular companies drop out. De Vereende will always accept car insurance, but the premium is higher than for regular car insurance.

Frequently asked questions about CIS registration

How can I request a CIS registration?

First of all, it is wise to look carefully at the policy. You can already find more information about the insurer's CIS registration policy in the policy terms and conditions. This is also often indicated in privacy statements on the website and on claim forms. Would you like to request the CIS registration? In almost all cases you will then receive the requested data neatly within 1 month. Incidentally, CIS cannot give individual explanations about the underwriting policies of insurers. This is something you have to discuss with the insurer itself.

What is an insurance blacklist?

We often hear from customers that they feel they are on an insurer's 'black list ' because of too many claims or non-payment of the insurance premium. However, such a 'blacklist' for insurance does not exist.

What is the External Referral Register (the EVR)?

The EVR registration is designed to allow other insurers to check your history and to see if you have been involved in fraudulent business.

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How can I get a car insurance with a CIS registration?

Alpina is an intermediary of De Vereende. This means that you can purchase insurance from De Vereende with us.

To take out insurance, De Vereende sets certain conditions:

  • You pay the premium at least 3 months in advance, even with monthly payments.
  • The insurance only takes effect after receipt of the first premium AND a signed application form.
  • In most cases, De Vereende also charges an average deposit of €175.00, which you must pay in advance. When there has been no damage at the end of the insurance, this amount will be refunded to you.

Have a question? We'd love to help! You can contact us on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00 at 088-6883710.

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