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What does the contents insurance cover?

There are many insurers who offer home contents insurance. In addition, there are also different types of cover. Therefore, you cannot simply compare all providers and their products with each other. It is important to know what the exact coverage of the insurance is when comparing them.


Content insurance cover

What items in my home are covered by household effects?

Things in your house are part of the contents. This only does not apply if they are attached to the floor and nail, which means that you cannot move them without damaging them. Think of a glued parquet floor or kitchen. Mobile accessories such as your laptop also fall under your household contents insurance in certain cases. Read it here.

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What types of cover are there?

With contents insurance, you will often come across the following coverages: comprehensive, extra comprehensive and most comprehensive. The latter is also called all-risk cover. The extra comprehensive and comprehensive cover are the most common. The basic coverage is often:

Are there any additional covers available for household insurance?

Insurers often offer the option of insuring certain portable items (e.g. cameras) outside the home. This is called an out-of-home cover.

Most insurers nowadays also have the possibility to insure smartphones and tablets. Often damage to these items is not covered under the contents coverage. Previously, there was often coverage for this, but due to the many damages with tablets and smartphones, this has become a separate coverage.

Home contents insurance and moving house

Will you be moving soon or are you exploring the possibilities of buying another house? Do you know how to deal with contents insurance during a move? When moving your belongings, it can happen that your belongings get damaged or even break down. The coverage of your household contents insurance during a move can differ per insurer. It is possible that your household contents insurance only has limited coverage during a move. Please check your policy conditions well before your move.

What is never covered?

Damage that was foreseeable is never covered by any insurance. You can think of damage due to overdue maintenance, for example. Damage caused intentionally is also not covered.

The contents insurance often does not cover damage caused by earthquakes, floods, violence and nuclear reactions. For this, the government often calls upon a certain fund.

Difference between third-party insurance and household insurance

What exactly is the difference between third-party insurance/liability insurance and household insurance? With a contents insurance, the damage to your own belongings is covered. With a third-party insurance/liability insurance, the damage caused by others is covered.

What do I need to consider when taking out contents insurance?

The insurance conditions always describe what is and what is not covered and under what conditions. The policy often contains information about this as well. Always read the policy and policy conditions carefully, before taking out the insurance, but also after receiving the policy. Especially since there are different types of coverage and different exclusions may apply. That way, you know where you stand and there are no surprises afterwards.

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