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Ensure safety at events with event insurance

Jun 28, 2022
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Events can be a great way to build relationships with clients and staff. But there is always a risk of something going wrong.

What does event insurance cover?

Event insurance coverage varies by insurer. Often there is a basic coverage, which you can expand with additions as desired. The postponement or cancellation of the event due to circumstances is generally covered by default. Other coverages are:

  • Damage to participants or visitors due to an accident
  • Damage to property (or rented items) of the organizer
  • A financial loss if the event cannot take place due to a storm or other extreme weather

To claim insurance, conditions and exceptions apply. Does a proposition fall over that is demonstrably poorly set up? In that case, the insurer may not reimburse you for the damage, or not fully. In any case, the damage must have occurred through no fault of your own.

What does event insurance not cover?

Event insurance does not cover every conceivable loss. Suppose you are organizing an event and the band that was supposed to come breaks the contract for no plausible reason. Chances are that the damage incurred as a result will not be covered. Damage caused by visitors may also be excluded. Another example is failure or delay in obtaining a necessary permit for the event. Therefore, read carefully what you are and are not insured for.

Event insurance for one day

Unlike many other insurance policies, you can purchase event insurance for a short period of time. If you are organizing a big anniversary party, you will only need the insurance for a short time. The duration and coverage is tailored to the type of event. Then the insurance premium is determined. Obviously, the premium is higher for an event with a budget of 35,000 than when the expected cost is 15,000.

Is event insurance required?

Organizing a corporate BBQ does not require event insurance. If it is a larger event, check with the municipality to what extent you need official permission. The possible financial loss is the reason for many organizers to purchase event insurance, regardless of whether it is mandatory.

Fortunately, the covid rules have been pushed into the background and events may be organized again. Are you also planning something and want to know how to reduce risks? For no-obligation contact, fill out the form below.

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