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Are your employees aware of cybercrime?

More than half of the Dutch population is afraid of Internet crime. Cyber attacks take place every day, so this fear is not entirely unjustified. Just taking out cyber insurance is often not enough. The cause often turns out to lie (partly) with the employees.

Employees are often not sufficiently aware of the dangers of Internet crime. They often use the same password for several websites. In addition, software updates are postponed for too long. As long as this happens on the shop floor, they make it extra easy for internet criminals to strike.

Making employees aware of the dangers

The digitalisation of companies brings with it many opportunities. However, the risks are also considerable. As a company, it is important to invest in online safety. First of all, it is important to inform employees of the possible dangers. Explain clearly why it is important to use strong passwords and to vary passwords. Also make the importance of software updates clear and warn them about e-mails from unknown senders. Do not let them open e-mails or files from people they do not trust.

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The risk to your business

The risk of a cyber attack differs per company. Especially companies in the financial and energy sectors are regular victims of cybercriminals, according to the CBS. One of the biggest misconceptions in this area is that businesses think they are not at risk. Reasons given for this are: because it is a small company, they do not have sensitive information at their disposal and they say there is nothing to gain. For hackers, the target does not always matter. They look at which sites are easy to hack. So it doesn't matter how small or big your company is. Everyone can become a victim of this form of criminality.

It is important not to underestimate the risk and to make your employees aware of the possible dangers.

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