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What are the consequences if you are disqualified from driving?

Do you drive way too fast or get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Then chances are that you will be issued a driving ban. This means that your license will be taken away temporarily and you will not be allowed to drive during this time. When you get a driving disqualification, it can have unpleasant consequences. For example, for your car insurance, because a regular insurance company will no longer accept you as a policyholder. At Alpina.nl , we explain to you the consequences of a driving disqualification.

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disqualified from driving

When does driving disqualification take effect?

If you receive a driving disqualification, you will be sent a letter about it at home. This letter states when the driving disqualification takes effect. If your driving license was not taken earlier, you have to send it to the Central Public Prosecutor's Office (CVOM). The driver's license must then be sent no later than the last day of the time mentioned in the letter on which the driving suspension takes effect. If you do not send the driver's license or send it too late, the driving ban will still go into effect. So there is no point in withholding your driver's license. Moreover, the disqualification is then extended by the time you did not return the driver's license.

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How long does a denial last?

How long the driving suspension lasts depends on how many miles per hour you were speeding or the results of the breath test. It also depends on the severity of the offense. If you caused an accident that resulted in property or personal injury, the driving suspension will last longer. Another factor is whether or not this is your first offense. If you have been at fault before, you will receive a higher penalty. Below we gave some examples of situations in which you will receive a driving disqualification and a guideline of how long it will last.

Reason for denial Duration of disqualification (Directive)
Driving more than 50 km/h too fast 2 months
Driving more than 70 km/h too fast / not the first time 4 months
Driving under the influence of alcohol Minimum 4 months. Can be up to 12 months or longer
Driving under the influence of drugs Minimum 6 months
Driving under the influence of drugs for the second time Minimum 8 months
Driving under the influence of drugs AND alcohol or a combination of different drugs Driving disqualification of 12 months and community service of 60 hours

For what reasons is a driving licence denied?

You can get a driving disqualification for several reasons. We've mentioned some of them above, but we'll list them for you. You can get a driving disqualification if you:

  • Drive after you have had drugs or too much alcohol.
  • Driving much too fast
  • Being the cause of danger on the road
  • Driving a car that is not insured
  • Still driving with a driving disqualification or an invalid driving licence
  • Not stopping after causing an accident on the road

A driving disqualification can be imposed by various people. Among others by the police, but in most cases a driving disqualification is imposed by a judge.

Car needed for work: reason for dismissal?

A driving disqualification sometimes has consequences not only in the private sphere, but also in the business sphere the consequences can be significant. For example, if you drive for your job, such as a driver, sales manager or courier. With a driving disqualification, you are not allowed to drive and therefore cannot perform your job partially or at all. Many employers will then consider firing you, especially if the driving disqualification is for an extended period of time. If driving a vehicle is not necessary to perform your job, the employer has little grounds to fire you. If you normally come to work in a motor vehicle, you will have to choose another mode of transportation, such as public transportation. Have you been fired from your job because of a driving disqualification, but in your opinion it is unfounded? If you have legal expenses insurance with the Income module, your legal expenses insurer may be able to help you.

Are you allowed to cycle if you are disqualified?

Yes, if you have a driving disqualification, you may still ride a bicycle. With a driving disqualification, you are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle. A bicycle does not have a motor and therefore you may simply drive it. If you are banned from driving, you may no longer drive any vehicles at all, including a bicycle. A driving ban is imposed by the police and lasts up to 24 hours.

Unable to insure car with regular insurer

Another consequence of a driving disqualification is that it is difficult to insure your car with a regular insurer. In fact, many regular insurance companies will refuse your application if they see in the CIS database that you have had a driving disqualification. Fortunately, there is always a way to still insure your car. You can go to insurance company de Vereende. With de Vereende, anyone who has to deal with "special risks and damages" can go. Also when you have a criminal record, you have driven a lot of damage in a short time or after non-payment you can go to the Vereende. However, you have to take into account a higher premium. Moreover, when taking out the insurance you have to pay 3 months of premium in advance, together with a deposit.

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