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Effects of a driving disqualification on buying insurance?

A driving disqualification can have serious consequences for the insurance of your vehicle. For example for car insurance. There are several reasons for a driving disqualification. One of the causes can be that you have had one too many drinks before driving or that you have used drugs. Below is explained in which cases you will get a driving disqualification and in which way it is possible to get an insurance in this case.

driving disqualification

The causes of getting a driving disqualification

When you get a driving disqualification, you are not allowed to drive a motorised vehicle for a certain period of time. Very annoying. Such a driving disqualification is valid for a car, but also for all other vehicles with an engine. As mentioned above, there are several ways how you can get a driving disqualification. For example you can get a driving disqualification if you:

  • Driving after taking drugs or drinking too much alcohol.
  • Driving much too fast
  • Being the cause of danger on the road
  • Driving a car that is not insured
  • Still driving with a driving disqualification or an invalid driving licence
  • Do not sop after you have caused an accident on the road

A driving disqualification can be imposed by various people. Among others by the police, but in most cases a driving disqualification is imposed by a judge. The length of the disqualification varies. It can be just a few days or a few weeks, but it can also be months or, in the worst cases, for several years.

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Driving disqualification in Germany

What if you are given a driving disqualification because you committed a traffic offence in Germany? Then the punishment is only valid in Germany! A driving disqualification is only valid in the country where the offence was committed. With a driving disqualification in Germany, it is not prohibited to drive in the Netherlands. Keep in mind that when you want to go from Germany back to the Netherlands, you cannot go with a motor vehicle that you drive yourself. No points will be added to any Dutch driving licence if you commit a driving disqualification or a similar traffic offence in Germany.

Alcohol and driving disqualification

Driving while intoxicated can cause serious damage to your vehicle and yourself, as well as to others and their property. Therefore, if you drive while intoxicated, you will be disqualified from driving. If you cause damage while driving while drunk, your insurance may not pay for the damage and you may even be disqualified from driving. Sometimes an insurer has an alcohol clause. This means that the insurer will reimburse the damage suffered by the person involved, but that you will have to pay this money back.

Car insurance and driving disqualification

A driving disqualification can have major consequences for your car insurance. When you get a disqualification, insurers have the right to terminate the insurance. Arranging a new car insurance will probably also be difficult. There is a chance that an insurance company will not accept you because they think it is too risky. Where you can still take out insurance is with de Vereende. This insurer is specialised in insuring high-risk cars, including those with a driving disqualification.

Driving disqualification due to driving without a licence

Driving without a licence is not a big problem, but driving with an invalid licence is. If you are stopped with it, you risk getting a driving disqualification. If you cause damage with an invalid driving licence, you are not insured and you have to pay all the costs yourself.

Registration of driving disqualification by the insurance company

The registration of driving disqualifications in the CIS database has been approved by the Ministry of Transport. For insurers, it is of great importance to know whether a person's driving licence has ever been denied. After a person has been subject to such a denial, the data is provided by the Public Prosecutor's Office and remains registered in the Central Information System Foundation for five years.

Insurance after getting a driving disqualification

With a driving disqualification you will be accepted by very few regular insurance companies, but there are a few that may be willing to make an exception for you. This depends on:

  • How long the driving disqualification lasts
  • On which date the driving disqualification was imposed
  • Why the driving disqualification was imposed

We at Alpina try to get you covered by a normal insurer at normal rates first, but this is not always successful. When it does not work out, the insurer "De Vereende" is always an option. As mentioned earlier, this insurer specializes in special damages and risks. This includes persons with a driving disqualification, a criminal record or a registration as a defaulter.

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