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Getting car insurance after driving disqualification?

After a driving disqualification, it can be difficult to get auto insurance. There are many reasons you can get a driving disqualification. Its duration also varies. In addition, such a driving disqualification can have unpleasant consequences for getting a new car insurance policy. Is it possible to get car insurance after a driving disqualification?

When do you get a driving disqualification?

If you get a driving disqualification, it means that you are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle for a certain period of time. So the driving disqualification applies to all motorized vehicles, not just a car. You can get a driving disqualification for a few days, a few weeks, months or sometimes even years. Driving disqualifications can be imposed by the police, a prosecutor or a judge.
Below are some examples of situations where you can get a driving disqualification:

  • Driving under the influence of (far) too much alcohol or drugs
  • Continuing to drive after causing an accident
  • Driving more than 50 kilometres per hour too fast
  • Driving while disqualified or with an invalid driving licence

car insurance driving disqualification

How does an insurer know if I have had a driving disqualification?

An insurer does not know that you have had a driving disqualification. When taking out auto insurance, you are required to answer a number of questions about your past. So too about any driving convictions. If you state that you have had a driving conviction in the past, your request will most likely be denied. If you conceal your past, you are actually driving around uninsured. Even if on paper you do have current insurance and are paying premiums. So there is no point in concealing this and has major consequences if it comes to light.

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Car insurance after driving disqualification: de Vereende

Getting car insurance after you've lost your driver's license is a lot harder. Still, Alpina does offer options for getting car insurance after driving disqualification.

Everyone who has to deal with 'special risks and damages' can turn to the Vereende. Also when you have a criminal record, or have driven many damages in a short period of time or after non-payment you can go to the Vereende. With this company you can insure the special risks. Circumstances can happen to anyone. If you cannot get insurance elsewhere, you can go here. It is (often) only possible to take out insurance using an intermediary. Alpina is an intermediary of the Vereende. Because of this you can take out insurance with the Vereende. An important condition is that you pay the premium in advance.

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