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Car not insured due to driving disqualification: what can I do?

Do you want to insure your car after a driving disqualification? This can be more difficult than you might think. Many car insurers will see you as an increased risk after the driving disqualification and will therefore more readily refuse your insurance application. Of course, your car has to be insured for third party liability and when there is a license plate in your own name, you have to take out a car insurance. What can you do if you are refused by the regular insurance companies?

Driving disqualification car insurance

Insuring your car with a driving disqualification?

A driving disqualification does not necessarily mean that it is impossible for you to take out insurance with a regular insurance company. It is possible that regular insurers will still accept your application, depending on the duration, date and reason of the driving disqualification. It is therefore a good idea to first make use of this online comparison tool of various car insurance companies. If you have filled in all the questions truthfully, you will see immediately if your insurance application would be accepted. Is the application not accepted? Then you can still take out insurance with the De Vereendecompany .

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Insurance Company De Vereende

If it is not possible to insure your car with a regular company because of the driving disqualification, you can still take out insurance with De Vereende. De Vereende is, after all, specialised in insuring special claims and risks. Because of the very broad acceptance policy of the insurer, there is a great chance that you can insure your car with De Vereende, despite your driving disqualification. People with a registration for non-payment or a criminal record can also go here. However, there are extra costs involved; for instance, with De Vereende you have to pay your premium three months in advance. The premium is also higher than with regular insurers and you have to pay a deposit when you take out insurance with De Vereende. If you pay your premium on time each month, you get the deposit back from De Vereende when you terminate your insurance.

Insure your car despite your driving record? Then get car insurance through Alpina!

If you want to insure your car while you have had a driving disqualification, you can easily do so through Alpina. Alpina is an intermediary of De Vereende. So you can easily take out car insurance from De Vereende and do an indicative calculation of your premium to be paid online. When you have sent your application, you will receive the final calculation from the insurance company De Vereende. The calculation can vary because the company delivers tailor-made solutions. Nevertheless, it can be good to already have an indication of the insurance premium, so you know what to expect before you take out the car insurance.


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