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How do I insure myself if I have a criminal record?

A criminal past often makes it difficult to insure yourself properly, especially since not all insurance companies are willing to accept you. De Vereende is an exception to this; here you can always insure yourself. Below we explain how you can still qualify for insurance, despite a criminal past.

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Why are there requirements from insurers when taking out insurance?

Insurers, with the exception of health insurers, have no duty of acceptance, and even with health insurance, the duty of acceptance also applies only to the basic package. For the supplementary insurance policies, insurers may reject you if they assess that you are too risky.
Instead of rejection, an insurer may also impose certain conditions, requirements, when you want to purchase insurance. This may occur with high risk of claims or some medical situations. Among these conditions, you can think of:

  • Certain risks are not covered by the insurer.
  • Your premium is higher for the same policy conditions.
  • Your deductible is increased but the policy conditions remain the same.
  • There are fire safety requirements that determine your entitlement to cover.

De Vereende is an insurance company specialized in insuring unusual cases
For unusual damages and risks, which also include a criminal past, insurance company De Vereende was founded. Do you have a special vehicle or are you organizing an event that involves risks? Also then you can turn to De Vereende. In principle, De Vereende accepts everyone and, compared to most insurance companies, has a much broader acceptance policy.

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What are the acceptance requirements for taking out insurance with De Vereende?

Insurers assess the level of risk when applying for insurance and decide whether or not to accept the application on this basis. When a person has a criminal record, this entails a moral hazard. It could be that following the insurance rules or paying the premium will cause problems. This makes the insurer run more risk than is usually the case. This also applies to De Vereende, who, although they specialise in special risks, also impose a number of conditions in return. For taking out an insurance policy these are the following:

  • Three months' premium is payable in advance, regardless of whether you pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.
  • Once the premium for the first three months has been paid and a signed application form has been returned, the insurance will take effect.
  • You will be expected to pay a deposit to cover any unpaid premium. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the policy, provided you have paid the premium on time each month.

When will I be able to take out insurance again with a regular insurance company?

This depends on the length of time your criminal record remains on file, which in turn depends on the type of offence you have committed. In general, it can be said that after five years your criminal record expires and you can then take out insurance again with a regular insurance company. However, you are obliged to report this to your new insurer if your offence was less than eight years ago. In order to prove that your past will not be an obstacle for an insurance company, you can apply for a VOG (Certificate of Good Behaviour). The decision whether or not to accept you then lies with the insurer.

Insure yourself while you have a criminal record? You can insure yourself with De Vereende through Alpina!

At Alpina, intermediary of De Vereende, you can purchase insurance from De Vereende without much effort. We recommend that you first use our online tool to compare insurance. Once you have made your choice, fill in all the questions on the complete application truthfully, because it is possible that the regular insurance company will accept you despite your criminal record. Again, this depends on the type of offense and the time since then. If your application is not accepted, you can do an online, indicative, premium calculation of your insurance with De Vereende.

Calculate your insurance premium online

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