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Diks insurance acquired by Alpina

As of October 1, Diks insurance has been transferred to Alpina. Under the new name we will soon offer all financial services under one roof: from insurances to mortgages and from pensions to brokerage. The service you are used to from us will not change: you are and will remain insured with the company where your policies are placed and we will remain your trusted intermediary.

What can you expect in the near future?

From October 1, 2022, we will communicate from the name Alpina and you can find us online at www.alpina.nl. So you don't have to do anything yourself. Would you like more information about the name change before then? Our contact details and more information can be found here. You can also reach us by phone at 088 6883 725.

Why another name change/acquisition?

It involves only a name change from Diks Verzekeringen to Alpina. There is no question of a takeover. Diks Verzekeringen was already part of the Voogd & Voogd Group. The Voogd & Voogd Group and the Heilbron Group merged together to form the Alpina Group.

Voogd & Voogd and Heilbron saw a great opportunity to strengthen and complement each other, hence the decision to merge.

Who is my contact person now?

We remain your regular contact person. You can reach us in the same way you are used to us. Starting October 1, you can find us at www.alpina.nl

I would like a permanent contact person.

Our service and methods remain the same as you are used to. We do not use fixed contact persons. We want to serve you as good and fast as possible, that is why all our colleagues are able to help you. So that you do not have to wait for answers from 1 fixed contact person in connection with illness/holiday/part-time colleagues.

What will change in my insurance because of this change?

Nothing will change in your insurance as a result of our name change. You are and will remain insured with the company where your policies are placed and we will remain your trusted intermediary.

Does anything change in my insurance coverage?

Our name change does not affect your insurance. Nothing will change in your coverage.

Don't I pay too much or more premium because of all those persons/companies in between?

Our name change does not affect your premium.

To whom will I pay premium now? Who should I contact if I have questions about my premium?

Premium payments do not go through Alpina, but you must pay directly to the insurer. The insurer is the collecting party. They can answer your questions regarding premium payments for you.

Therefore, for questions regarding premium payments, please contact the relevant insurer directly.

Click here to look up the phone number by insurer.

Operation for business customers remains the same

For you as a business customer, our service also remains the same as you are used to from us. We will physically visit you by appointment. In addition, you can reach us for questions by email, phone or chat.

I do not agree with the name change, can I cancel my insurance?

Our name change does not affect your insurance. Nothing changes in your coverage. The name change is not a valid reason to terminate your contract mid-term

Will my policy continue to come in the mail or will everything become digital?

You will continue to receive your policy documents in the familiar way, nothing will change.

The mail arrived at my old address, how can I change it?

You can easily change your address through our website.


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