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Traffic legal aid

With a legal expenses insurance you can choose the coverage yourself by selecting modules. In this way you can tailor the insurance to your own wishes. One of the modules is the legal assistance 'traffic'. What exactly is insured in the module 'traffic'?

It can always happen that you suffer damage in traffic and get into a disagreement. When you can't work it out between yourselves, this coverage allows you to call in the experts. With the legal assistance module 'traffic' you and your family are insured for legal assistance in all traffic situations worldwide.

Should you be involved in a traffic accident, there are a number of things you can do yourself, if possible:

  • Take pictures of the situation
  • Ask for name and telephone number of any witnesses
  • Fill in the claim form on the spot
  • Try to stay calm and do not take any action towards the other party

Car legal expenses insurance

With a legal assistance insurance with the module 'traffic' you are not only insured for conflicts with the car, but also when you are on foot or on a (moped) bike participating in traffic.

Legal expenses insurance covers the costs of minor disputes and traffic cases, as well as legal and other expert mediation. The other coverage can be purchased separately. Legal expenses insurance is not compulsory, but proves to be very useful in practice. It is possible that insurers only offer coverage in the Netherlands and not throughout Europe for certain disputes. Pay close attention to this.

Legal expenses insurance traffic

There are various legal assistance insurances with coverage for conflicts that you may encounter in traffic. Before you take out insurance, it is important that you compare the legal assistance insurances and see which modules and coverages are available. You can easily calculate your premium at the bottom of this page and take out insurance directly if you wish.

Besides the module 'traffic', the basic legal assistance insurance can also be extended with other modules, namely:

You can find more information about the coverage of these modules on the page 'coverage legal expenses insurance'.

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