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What are the costs for liability insurance?

The cost of liability insurance is called the insurance premium or premium for short. This is the amount you have to pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly to be and remain insured.

The total insurance premium for liability insurance includes the premium for the insurance itself, the renewal costs and the premium tax. Often, when taking out a new insurance policy, you also pay a one-off set-up fee.

Prolongation fees are administrative fees. These are charged per payment (installment). The amount varies between insurers.
The amount of insurance tax is set by the government. Currently it is 21%. Insurers are required to charge the tax to the insured.

Liability Insurance

What is the premium based on?

There are a number of factors that determine premiums for liability insurance. These include the factors the insurer considers when calculating the premium:
- amount of the deductible (the higher the deductible, the more "discount" you get on the premium)
- family composition (the premium for a single person is lower than for a family, because less risk is run by the insurer)
- amount of the sum insured (often you have a choice between two different insured amounts)

If you want to change any of the above, the insurance premium will change. This can be higher, but also lower.

Take out liability insurance? Calculate the premium directly!

How can I calculate the premium for liability insurance?

On the website you can easily calculate the premium. This requires some information about your personal situation and allows you to tailor the insurance to your needs (in terms of deductible and insured amount).
You can also make a calculation by phone with us. We will be happy to help you with this.

Can I get a discount on liability insurance?

Liability insurance can be taken out separately, but also as part of a so-called home package. In a home package, you can add all kinds of coverages that may apply to a private individual. For example, home contents insurance, building insurance, travel insurance, etc.

You often get a discount when you take out several insurances (also called categories) in one (home) package. The more insurance policies you take out, the more discount you will receive. This is called a package discount. This can provide you with nice savings. Also, in case of damage, it is easier when the insurances run through the same insurer. This makes it a lot easier for you as well.

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