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Are children co-insured on their parents' liability insurance?

Children are sometimes impetuous and it can happen that something valuable is accidentally destroyed. A Third Party Liability insurance prevents you from having to incur unnecessary costs. When you take out liability insurance with family coverage, in most cases the children are also insured.

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child liability insurance up to what age

What is third-party insurance?

Third-party insurance and liability insurance are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Third Party Liability (TPL) means legal liability and is compulsory in motor vehicle insurance, which is compulsory if you own a vehicle. The liability insurance (AVP), offers coverage if you cause damage to someone else. Unlike third-party insurance, liability insurance is not required by law. However, it is advisable to take out this insurance in order to protect your financial situation.

Take out liability insurance? Calculate the premium directly!

Children's liability insurance cover

The liability insurance covers almost all damages caused to third parties, the policyholder and the family members who are co-insured. This also applies to children and even your pets. For example, your child accidentally knocks the expensive vase at grandma's and it lies in 1001 pieces. Or your child accidentally kicks a ball through the neighbour's window during a game of football. In both cases, you are insured for this damage through the liability insurance when you have family coverage.

The liability insurance does not only cover damage to belongings, but also to persons. For example, your child may accidentally cause a fellow player to break his arm while playing sports.

When is children's liability insurance not covered?

There are situations in which damage caused by children is not covered:

  • In the event of intent, the liability insurance does not provide cover. In the case of damage caused by, for example, vandalism, arson or joyriding, the parents are liable. If the children are younger than 14, the parents are liable and liability insurance usually pays out.
  • The liability insurance also does not pay out for damage to the property of the father, mother or other persons on the same policy.
  • Damage caused by a car or another motor vehicle. For that you have a third-party insurance for your car.

Parents liable up to 14 years

Children up to the age of 14 are not held responsible, even if it is clear that they are at fault. The reason for this is that it is assumed that children up to the age of 14 are not yet able to oversee the consequences of their actions. From the age of 14, this liability decreases and the child becomes more responsible. Your child is still covered by your policy, but deliberate damage is less easily reimbursed.

Up to what age are my children co-insured?

As a parent, do you have liability insurance with family coverage? In most cases your children are co-insured until the age of 27. Your children have to live at home or study away from home. When your child marries, he or she will have to take out their own liability insurance.

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