Do I need to take out liability insurance when I do an internship?

After years of acquiring knowledge, it is time to put all your skills to the test in the field. You are going to do an internship. After an intensive search, you have finally found the internship company that fully meets your requirements. You diligently start your internship. You give your all for 110% and the internship supervisor is very satisfied.

One day, during lunch, you drop a glass. The glass breaks into little pieces and there is water everywhere. You go around the corner to get wipes and a dustpan and brush. In your absence, however, your colleague slips on the water and lands in the glass. With a shard in his leg and a ruined suit as a result...

Now who is liable for these damages? Is it you or is the internship company liable? And who should have taken out liability insurance for this? You or the internship company? In this blog, Alpina explains it for you.

Liability insurance for traineeships as an employer?

As an employer, it is important to be insured against damage. After all, you are responsible for the damage your employees cause. When a customer or other third party suffers damage because of your employees, they will first recover the damage from you. Costs for damages can be high. The amount of the premium, in comparison, is not so high.


The type of work you do plays a part in determining your level of cover. Do you work a lot with expensive equipment from other parties or do you work from your own office? You can imagine that the chance of damage is higher when you work with equipment on location, than when you work in the office.

Based on this, you can determine the amount of cover you want to take out. A higher coverage is recommended when you and your employees work more on location or with a lot of expensive equipment and resources.


As described in the introduction, an accident can happen in a flash. It is best to be insured for this as well. However, liability insurance may contain exceptions or additional clauses. You should carefully check which damages are covered by the insurance and which are not. And possibly adjust your insurance accordingly.

Get your liability insurance through Alpina: simple and affordable

Are you considering taking out liability insurance? Then take it out now at Alpina! Thanks to our large number of modules, you can always choose the insurance that suits your needs. Do you have any doubts or questions about our liability insurance? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. They are ready to answer all your questions.


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Last updated: 13-02-2023

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