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Third-party cover for a mobility scooter insurance policy

For a mobility scooter, third-party insurance is compulsory. Depending on the value of the mobility scooter, you possibly choose for a more extensive coverage. Choosing for the WA insurance means that your own damage to the vehicle is not paid for. Is your damage recoverable from the person who caused the damage? In that case, you can hold the other party liable, but your insurer will not do that for you.

When is third-party insurance mandatory?

As soon as you use the mobility scooter, it has to be insured. Even if you do not use the vehicle on public roads. Whether or not the mobility scooter is insured is shown by the insurance plate on the back of the vehicle. If this is not mounted during an accident, the insurer will not provide coverage. The insurance plate is in fact a requirement for being insured.

When will a payment be made?

The insurer pays out for damage caused by the insured mobility scooter. This can be material damage, but the insurer also pays out for personal injury. Material damage is for example damage caused to a parked car. Personal injury can be caused by colliding with a cyclist. A mobility scooter is a motor vehicle. In a collision with a pedestrian or a cyclist, the blame lies in almost all cases with the driver of the mobility scooter. Cyclists and pedestrians are protected by law, because they are considered to be weak road users.

Can the mobility scooter be insured more extensively?

Yes, that is possible. Besides the WA-insurance, you can also choose the WA + theft coverage or the all-risk mobility scooter insurance. The name WA + theft already indicates the coverage that this insurance offers. The all-risks is also called WA-casco. In addition to the WA and the theft coverage, this type of insurance also covers damage to the mobility scooter, for example, due to a collision or vandalism. Of course the more extensive forms of insurance are more expensive. The level of the premium is largely dependent on the value of the mobility scooter.

Is third-party insurance a wise choice?

Third-party insurance is often chosen for older mobility scooters with only a small value. A mobility scooter with a value of a few thousand euros is not only insured against legal liability. In an accident caused by you, with this cover, the damage to your mobility scooter will not be paid for by your insurer. In that case you choose the all-risk coverage. For an older mobility scooter you can consider the WA + theft. You can also let the choice depend on the differences in premium. Often it pays off to pay a little more for more extensive cover.

Which type of insurance do you choose?

In addition to the compulsory WA mobility scooter insurance, you have a choice of two more extensive coverages:

There are only a few insurers who offer insurance for the mobility scooter. The third-party liability insurance (WA) is compulsory. Especially for a new mobility scooter and for older vehicles with a high daily value, the WA insurance is too limited. For these motor vehicles, you can also choose WA-casco(all-risk). The WA-casco (or all-risk) offers the most extensive coverage and compensates almost all damages.

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