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What does mobility scooter insurance cost?

When taking out mobility scooter insurance, you naturally want to know how much premium you will have to pay. What a mobility scooter insurance costs depends on a number of factors. For instance the risk that you want to run. The higher the risk for the insurer, the more premium you pay. In addition, the age of your mobility scooter and the type of vehicle also determine the premium.

Only a few insurers offer mobility scooter insurance. At Alpina, we can help you compare and purchase mobility scooter insurance.

How is the premium determined?

The mobility scooter insurance is a relatively simple insurance. In case of a car insurance, the premium depends among others on the number of claim-free years. However with the mobility scooter insurance you do not build up years of damage free. Also the weight of a mobility scooter and how often the vehicle is used, are not premium determining factors. The type of coverage, the type of mobility scooter and the age of the driver can influence the cost of a mobility scooter insurance.

Need mobility scooter insurance? Compare premiums!

What does mobility scooter insurance cost?

What a mobility scooter insurance costs you per month depends for a large part on the coverage that you choose. The WA mobility scooter insurance is compulsory. This is also the cheapest form of insurance. The costs vary from a few tens to just over a hundred euros for a year. The highest premium you pay for the all-risk mobility scooter insurance. The premium in that case also depends on the catalogue value of the mobility scooter. Read more about the various coverages for your mobility scooter here.

Covered or uncovered vehicle

The premium for a mobility scooter insurance also depends on the type of mobility scooter. The cost of insuring a covered mobility scooter is considerably higher than a non-covered mobility scooter. Please note that a covered mobility scooter can often only be insured by drivers with a physical disability.

Own risk mobility scooter insurance

With mobility scooter insurance, you also have to deal with an own risk. This means that the first costs you make in case of damage are for your own account. The differences between insurers can be large and also depend on the age of the driver. For example, in the case of a mobility scooter insurance with WA or All-risk cover, an excess of €750 applies in the event of damage caused by a driver younger than 24. For the module All Risk (Casco) a standard excess of €100,- per event applies.

Get mobility scooter insurance for a year

Insurance for a mobility scooter runs from May to May. You also take out the insurance for that entire period. You can choose to pay the premium per month, quarter or per year. This makes no difference to the premium. Does the insurance start in October? Then it will continue until May of the following year.

Should the insurance be terminated within the year, you will of course be refunded any excess premium paid.

Supplementary insurance policies mobility scooter: recourse legal assistance

When you take out mobility scooter insurance, you can additionally insure yourself for legal assistance. With this coverage, in case of an accident, the damage and additional costs of the damage as a result of the accident will be recovered from the other party if they are liable.


Compare mobility scooter insurance

Compare the premium for a mobility scooter insurance on our website and take out the insurance directly. This can be done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That way you will find out which insurance fits you best. When comparing insurance for mobility scooters, there are various factors that determine the premium:

  1. The selected coverage
  2. The type of mobility scooter (open or covered)
  3. Your age may play a role

Calculate mobility scooter insurance

When calculating the premium for mobility scooter insurance, the first thing you will look at is the amount of the premium. Yet coverage is at least as important. Will you opt for a low premium or broad coverage? When you calculate the premium through alpina.nl , you will get quality for a low premium. We have already selected the best options for you.

Get mobility scooter insurance

Despite the fact that a mobility scooter has no registration number, you are obliged to take out an insurance policy from the moment the mobility scooter is registered in your name. After taking out an insurance scooter, you receive an insurance plate from the insurer. You are obliged to mount the insurance plate on the back of your mobility scooter. You will receive a new insurance plate annually.

Calculate the premium of your mobility scooter insurance online

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