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What coverages are there for moped insurance?

If you have just bought a moped, you will want to insure it properly. You don't want to think about damage caused by a collision or that the moped is stolen... For the moped there are a number of different types of cover. Depending on the value of the moped and age, you can always choose the best insurance for yourself. What the choices are, and what the smartest (and maybe cheapest) one is, you can read in this article.


moped insurance coverages

Different coverages for moped insurance

There are a number of different insurances for your moped. The differences with the moped insurance are in the coverage of the insurance. You can choose between WA, WA+ theft and fire and WA+ theft, fire and collision.

The third-party insurance only covers damage that you cause to others. This is the minimum insurance you must have to be allowed on the road with your moped. This insurance only does not cover damage to your own moped.

The WA+ theft and fire insurance covers what the WA insurance also covers and also covers theft and fire. Other than theft, this insurance also covers attempted theft, joyriding. Fire is also insured in this coverage along with storm damage. However, you must ensure that the chances of such damage are made as minimal as possible. For example, to prevent theft put a good lock on it and for storm damage leave it inside when not in use.

The WA+ theft, fire and collision insurance covers collisions in addition to what is covered by the WA+ theft and fire insurance. With this insurance your moped is fully insured. It also insures damage caused by collision, falling and vandalism. You also insure damage caused to other vehicles.

The different coverages also come with different premiums. Third party liability is the cheapest and third party+ theft, fire and collision the most expensive. However, the price of the insurance also depends on the number of damage-free years you have, where you live and whether you are a first-time driver or not. It also depends on the insurer you choose. If you compare insurances properly, there is always a suitable insurance with the right price for you.

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Additional moped insurances

In addition to choosing one of the above-mentioned insurances, you can also choose to take out additional cover for your moped insurance. An example of this is to take out a recovery service with one of the more limited insurances. The recovery service arranges that the costs are recovered from the person who caused the damage. This way you do not have to do this yourself.

You can also insure accessories that are on your moped. These may be accessories which were already attached when the vehicle was delivered and which you have fitted yourself. It is important to have photos and purchase receipts. This simplifies the claim procedure for you.

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