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What types of ART locks are there exactly?

What are ART locks?

When a consumer takes out moped insurance, one of the conditions is that the moped must have a good, recognised lock. ART locks are approved, it is a requirement for insurers when taking out third-party liability or all-risk cover.

Approved ART locks

To insure a vehicle, a recognised ART lock is required. There are various ART locks. ART is a foundation set up by a delegation of the ANWB and a delegation of the RAI Association. ART locks are locks with a quality mark that are accepted by insurers when taking out insurance for mopeds, motorbikes or motorcycles.

ART locks are available in various types: chain locks, U-locks, disc brake locks or cable locks. The best lock to choose is a personal choice. It is important that for a moped insurance the ART lock meets the applicable security class. The security class of ART locks is indicated by stars. ART locks vary from two to five stars.

ART locks

Different types of ART locks

  1. ART lock with 2 stars: this lock is often used for bicycle insurances.
  2. ART lock with 3 stars: this lock is often used for mopeds.
  3. ART lock with 4 stars: this lock is sometimes requested for mopeds and mostly for motorbikes.
  4. ART lock with 5 stars: this lock is sometimes used to lock a vehicle in a home situation.

Why an ART lock?

Insurance companies generally require an ART lock as a condition for insuring a two-wheeler. These locks are manufactured and tested by various branch organisations and are considered theft-proof. A consumer with an ART lock has minimum quality. The locks have been tested on various components and are generally more difficult to break open. You can find out which class of ART lock you need for the two-wheeler in the insurance policy conditions.

What exactly are ART locks?

There are different brands of ART locks. You are always free to decide which lock you purchase. The prices also differ per lock and per class. As a rule, however, the more expensive a lock is, the more reliable it is. More expensive locks are often made with better materials and are more durable.

The film below explains how the ART Foundation came into being and the requirements that ART locks must meet before they can pass inspection.

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