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How do you protect your motorbike against theft?

With the right motorbike insurance, the motorbike is insured against theft. Insurers may impose security requirements. You can also take additional measures. How do you make it as difficult as possible for thieves?

Theft of your motorbike can happen to you, but it is very frustrating. You take care of your bike and someone else steals it. Just to prevent that, you want to insure your motorbike as well as possible. The insurer will pay out depending on the type of insurance chosen, but preventing theft is better.

Engine security theft

What are the insurer's security requirements?

The requirements may differ from one insurer to another, but in general they are the same. The security of motorbikes can be subdivided into locks and built-in security systems. As far as the locks are concerned, insurers often demand so-called ART locks. This is a quality mark that indicates the quality of the locks. The quality ranges from one star (minimum security) to five stars (locks for storing at home). The built-in security is the so-called SCM security. Here, too, there is a class division. Which one is required also depends on the value of the motorbike. When taking out a motorbike insurance, the insurers will indicate which class they require.

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What else can you do against theft?

The insurer's requirements must be met as a minimum, but you can reduce the risk of theft of the motorbike even further by paying attention to small points. For stealing, they look for an easy prey. You can reduce the risk of theft by making your motorbike less interesting for theft. Here are a few tips:

  • Upgrade mandatory security;
  • Park the motorbike only in places where many people walk. Do not give them the chance to steal your bike in peace;
  • Will you not be using the motorbike for a long time? Make sure it is stored indoors;
  • Anchor the engine with the ground or a pole;
  • Engrave the licence plate in the frame. This makes the bike less valuable to thieves;
  • Use a brake disc lock.

Make sure you have a good motorbike insurance in case it does go wrong!

For theft coverage, you need a WA + limited casco or WA casco motorcycle insurance policy. The premium differences between various insurers are large. So compare before you choose. On Alpina.nl we compare several insurers. Use our comparison tool to avoid paying too much.

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