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What security requirements must your engine meet?

Of course you always want to prevent theft of your motorbike. One of the things you can do to protect your motorbike against theft is to use an approved ART lock. But which motor insurance policies require such a lock? What risks do you run when your lock does not meet the insurer's requirements?



Mandatory ART 4 engine lock

The insurer demands security for motorbike insurance with WA-restricted casco or all-risk cover. With these types of insurance, the insurer takes on the risk of theft. The lock that is used, must be a so-called ART lock. With such a motorbike insurance, you must have at least an ART 4 lock on your motorbike and be in possession of both original keys, of which at least one must have traces of use. Please note: ART approval may expire. The ART Foundation periodically checks whether existing locks are still up to standard. If you do not use an approved lock, there is no cover for theft. Therefore, check carefully whether your lock meets the insurer's requirements. Theft coverage is not provided in the case of basic third-party liability, so there is no insurance requirement for the lock.

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Night storage

At night, the motor vehicle must preferably be stored in a properly locked space. In this space, the motor vehicle must be locked with an approved ART 4 lock. Is it not possible to store the vehicle in a properly locked room at night? Make sure the vehicle is out of sight of the public highway. Use an approved ART 4 chain lock or U-lock to attach your motor vehicle directly to an ART approved wall or ground anchor, or to an earth and/or nail resistant object. Is it not possible to place your motor vehicle out of sight and/or to secure it to earth or nails? Then your motor vehicle must be locked with the standard locks and an ART 4 approved lock.

SCM security

For some motorbikes, there is an additional security requirement. The requirements depend on the catalogue value of the motorbike. Whether your motorbike has to comply with one of the SCM M-classes below can be found in the policy conditions and/or the clause sheet.

Class M1
Consisting of a system that automatically engages and prevents the engine from moving under its own power, no detection and no alarm.
- Blocking on the engine management
- Attack resistance at least 3 minutes

Class M2
Consisting of a system that automatically engages and prevents the motor from moving under its own power, alerting by emergency siren, extended with tilt detection.
- Optical signalling
- Movement detection
- Acoustic alarm by means of an emergency siren

Class M3
Consisting of a class M2 system meeting the requirements of SCM regulation MF-04, supplemented by a tracking system meeting the requirements of SCM regulation TT03.

When you purchase this SCM security, you will receive a KIWA SCM (Stichting Certificering Motorrijtuigbeveiliging ) certificate that is valid for three years. After that, you must have your motor security checked every year by a recognised company in order to be compensated for any damage. A KIWA SCM certificate is proof of security, should you wish to claim damage or motor theft on the motor insurance.

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What if my bike does not meet the insurer's requirements?

Check whether your motorbike meets modern security requirements. Insurers increasingly demand a well secured motorbike. Should you wish to claim damage or theft of the motorbike on the insurance policy, but it turns out that the security requirements have NOT been met, an additional excess may be applied or the policy may not be paid at all.

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