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Is there an excess in a motorhome insurance?

When you travel with your campervan, you want to enjoy your holiday carefree. Therefore it is important that your camper is well insured in case of damage and accident. For this you can take out a camper insurance. You are legally required to have at least a WA motorhome insurance, but you can also choose for a more extensive coverage such as WA+ or Allrisk. When taking out a motor home insurance policy you also have to deal with the excess. Own risk means that in case of damage to your motor home you first pay a certain amount yourself. The amount of the excess differs per insurer.

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Excess and the coverage of your motorhome insurance

When taking out a motor home insurance policy, you have the choice of 3 different types of cover. The basic coverage is the WA camper insurance. This is the minimum coverage you need in the Netherlands. It insures you for damages you cause to others. With a liability insurance there is usually no standard excess. The insurer fully compensates the damage to the other party. You can also choose WA + Beperkt Casco or Allrisk coverage. This also covers damage to your own campervan. Depending on the coverage and the insurer, you pay a higher, lower or no excess. With some insurers you can choose the amount of the excess. The higher the excess, the higher the premium discount. In the event of damage, you will have to pay a higher amount yourself.

Motorhome insurance? Calculate your premium!

Motorhome insurance without excess

Some insurers do not apply an excess for a camper insurance. Often you will pay a higher premium for your insurance. It is also possible that the excess is optional. You choose whether you want a deductible or not. With a higher deductible you get more premium discount. However, most insurers have a compulsory excess. Insurers usually make a distinction between different types of damage when calculating the excess. For example, a different excess applies to theft than to damage to the windscreen. Finally, the excess is usually lower if you have the damage repaired by a repairer affiliated with the insurer. In the policy conditions of your insurance you can always find out if there is an excess and how much it is.

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