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Is motorhome insurance mandatory?

Do you regularly go on holiday with your camper? Then you want to enjoy it carefree. A good insurance is then important. In the Netherlands you are, just like with a car, obliged by law to take out a WA insurance for your camper. This is the cheapest motor home insurance, but not the most extensive. If you want to be well insured, you can also choose the WA + Limited Casco or All Risk motor home insurance.

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motorhome insurance mandatory

Why is motorhome insurance mandatory?

A motor home is a motorised vehicle. In the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out at least a WA coverage for each motorized vehicle. With a WA camper insurance you are insured for damage that you cause to another with your camper. In the best case it is about damage to the eye, but there can also be personal injury. After a serious accident, in which one or more persons are injured, the costs can run into thousands of euros. To prevent you from being unable to pay and the victims thus not receiving financial compensation, motorhome insurance is mandatory.

Motorhome insurance? Calculate your premium!

WA coverage mandatory in the Netherlands?

If you have a WA motor home insurance, the insurers will pay for the damage you cause to others with the motor home. Both damage to sight and personal injury will be compensated. The victim of the accident can directly submit a claim to the insurer with whom the liable party is insured. A third-party insurance does not cover any damage to your own motor home. For this you need to take out more extensive cover. If you have damage to your camper caused by someone else, you can recover the amount of the damage yourself from the liable person.

Third-party insurance is the cheapest insurance, but also the most limited. For an older motorhome with limited value, third party insurance is often the best choice. For new or high value motorhomes you better choose a more extensive coverage.

Need coverings?

Besides the obligatory WA motor home insurance, you can also opt for WA + Limited Casco or All-Risk motor home insurance. With WA + Limited Comprehensive cover common damages are also insured such as damage to your camper caused by lightning, hail, storm, fire, explosion, window breakage, theft and collision with stray animals. The most extensive coverage for your motorhome insurance is the all-risk coverage. With this cover you are also insured for damage to your own motorhome as a result of an accident. Even if this damage is your own fault.

Get instant motorhome insurance through Alpina

Are you looking for a good motorhome insurance policy? At Alpina.nl you can easily compare and take out motorhome insurance. All you need is the registration number of your motorhome, the number of claim-free years, your date of birth and your zip code. Within a few seconds you will get an overview of the cheapest motor home insurance. Have you found a suitable camper insurance? Then you can purchase it directly online.

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