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Does a motorhome insurance offer breakdown cover abroad?

Most motor home insurances offer breakdown cover abroad. The extent of this cover differs per insurer. For example, one insurer will only reimburse the necessary costs to take the camper to a repair shop, while another will also reimburse replacement transport. Usually, transport of the camper to the Netherlands is reimbursed if the camper cannot be repaired within a number of working days and if the costs of transport do not exceed the current value of the camper. It also differs per insurer if roadside assistance is included in the basic coverage of the motor home insurance or if you have to take out an additional coverage. This can be found in the policy conditions of your insurance policy.

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In which countries does the camper insurance cover breakdown assistance?

With most insurers, you have coverage for breakdown assistance in the countries indicated on your green card. These are the same European countries where you have coverage with your camper insurance. These are for example popular holiday countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy, but also Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic. Are you planning to travel with your campervan? Check well in advance in which countries you are covered for breakdown assistance and what the situation is in the country concerned. In France, for example, you are not allowed to repair your vehicle along the motorway for safety reasons. If your motorhome breaks down, you must contact the motorway police via the emergency phone or via 112. A recovery company will then take your motorhome to a garage nearby.

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What to do in case of a breakdown with a motor home abroad?

Before you leave, it is important to check whether you are insured in the country of your destination. This way, you will be well prepared and you will know for sure what help you will get if you break down on the road. Also make a note of important telephone numbers. Every insurer has a telephone number where you can report damage. You can find this number in the policy conditions of your insurance company. Report the damage directly to your insurer. They can tell you what will happen next and what you should do. Before you call, make sure you know approximately where you are. For example, by looking at a kilometre marker, a road number or a street name in your area.

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A motor home insurance is a compulsory insurance. You should have at least a WA coverage for your motorhome. A WA motorhome insurance is the cheapest, but also the most limited coverage. With this coverage you are only insured for damages you cause to others with your motorhome. If you prefer a more extensive insurance, you can also take out a WA + Limited Casco or Allrisk motor home insurance.

At Alpina\.nl, you can compare motorhome insurance policies to find the best motorhome insurance. Do you still have questions about getting motorhome insurance or would you rather consult with one of our insurance specialists? Then be sure to contact us!

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