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What does campervan insurance cost?

Are you travelling with your campervan? Then a motorhome insurance is a must to go on holiday with peace of mind. The camper insurance is different from a normal car insurance. One of the differences is that this insurance is generally cheaper than a car insurance because you drive less with a camper than with a car. Therefore, the insurance company runs less risk and the insurance premium can be lowered. What a motorhome insurance costs depends on several factors. We will elaborate on them in this article.

Motorhome insurance? Compare premiums!

Average costs camper insurance

The approximate cost of motorhome insurance depends on a number of factors. First of all it is important which cover you choose. You can choose from WA-coverage, WA + limited casco and Allrisk cover. For WA only insurance you can easily pay €700 per year and for WA+ and all-risk you can pay €1,400 and €2,400 respectively. Of course, it depends on what additional cover you choose. The more risks you insure, the higher the premium will be.

what is the cost of motor home insurance?

What do insurers base their premiums on?

By comparing, you can find out which insurer is best for your motor home insurance. The following factors are of great importance in determining the premium:

Motorhome insurance? Compare premiums!

Risk area

Although you usually do not drive in your postal code area, insurers still partly base the premium on where you live. The risk of burglary and theft is simply greater in urban areas than in the countryside.

Claim-free years

As with car insurance, claim-free years can significantly reduce the premium for motor home insurance. The difference in premium between no claim and five or more claim-free years can be considerable. Also here it is important to compare. The differences between insurers are sometimes large.

Value of the motor home

The value is an important factor in determining the premium. The value is the maximum amount that the insurer will pay out for damage to your motor home.

Motorhome weight

This has to do with the impact of an accident. A heavier motor home may cause greater damage to the other party. When buying a motor home, you can take the weight into account. In addition, the road tax also goes up with a heavier camper.

How do you want to insure the motor home?

Insurers offer three types of insurance as standard. For a new campervan and an older campervan with a high daily value, you should choose all-risk. The most limited coverage is WA.

Cost of motor home insurance depends on cover

When comparing motorhome insurance, you have the choice between the following three types of insurance:

  • WA cover: The insurer will not pay for damage to your own motor home. The insurer will only pay for damage caused to others by the campervan;
  • WA with limited hull cover: in addition to damage caused to others, the insurer also pays out for certain causes of damage. For example, a payment follows from theft and broken windows;
  • WA with casco (all-risk) : In addition, the insurer will pay out, for example, your own loss after an accident.

Compare costs of motorhome insurance

So what an RV insurance policy costs approximately depends on many factors. When choosing an RV insurance policy, it is important that you start comparing different insurers. Pay attention not only to the premium. Of course the costs play a major role, but the conditions are just as important. Calculate the premium of your caravan insurance easily online at . Do you not succeed? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you on your way.

Read more about which motor home insurance policy suits you besthere .


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