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Accident insurance provides financial security if you become permanently disabled or die in an accident.

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All about accident insurance

An accident at home, at work, in traffic or even in the schoolyard can cause you to become permanently disabled or perhaps even die. For example, if you fall, are hit or attacked.

When people buy insurance, accident insurance is often forgotten. Of course, a serious accident seems like a distant memory. Moreover, you probably prefer not to think about the possibility of something happening to yourself or the people you live with, such as your partner or children.

Still, it is something to think carefully about, because permanent disability or death comes with a lot of costs. Costs that can sometimes be high.

Accident insurance provides financial security if you become permanently disabled or die in an accident. The insurer will then pay out a fixed amount. You can use this money to absorb the loss of income if you are no longer able to work, or to make adjustments to your home if you become permanently disabled. You can also co-insure your partner or family.

Collective accident insurance

In addition to personal accident insurance there is also collective accident insurance. This can be taken out by an employer. With a collective accident insurance the insurer pays a fixed amount of compensation in the event of death or permanent disability of an employee following an accident. An employee can of course always have an accident, for example if he slips on a slippery floor and breaks a leg. Or if he falls down a flight of stairs and becomes permanently disabled. However, the accident does not necessarily have to take place on the work floor. Employees are also insured on the way from home to work and vice versa. With some insurers, you can also opt for comprehensive cover, whereby employees are insured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In more and more collective labour agreements, offering accident insurance is an obligation for the employer.

Compare accident insurance

Are you looking to purchase accident insurance? Then it is important that you start comparing. This way you can easily find the best accident insurance. On you can compare accident insurance on price and quality. Which coverage suits you best depends on your personal situation. Do you take out insurance for yourself only, or also for your partner or family? First you choose the type of accident insurance you want. Then you fill in some personal information. Then the comparison can begin. By making a comparison you can easily compare policy conditions and premiums of different insurers.

Family accident insurance

You can take out accident insurance for yourself, but also for your entire family. Most accidents still happen at home, for example a fall in the bathroom, while doing odd jobs or a fire. If something really serious happens, it is nice to be well insured. Imagine a fire in the kitchen and one of your family members being severely burned and becoming permanently disabled. Not only will you have to deal with a lot of medical expenses, but you may also have to adapt your home. The costs for this can be substantial. With family accident insurance, the insurer will pay you a fixed amount. Moreover, all members of your family are covered by the insurance.

Business accident insurance

If you have your own business, you are not only an entrepreneur but also an employer. Whether you employ only a few employees or many, an employee can always have an accident. That is why, as an employer, you can take out business accident insurance, also known as collective accident insurance. With a business accident insurance, the employee receives a one-off payment after an accident at work.

Nowadays, many people increasingly work from home. This is also known as 'the new way of working'. More and more insurers are taking this into account, because an employee can also be involved in an accident at home. Therefore, home workers are not only insured at the office and on the road, but also while working at home.

What does accident insurance cover?

With most insurers, the following are covered under accident insurance:

  • Permanent disability resulting from an accident
  • Accidental death
  • Accidents, both at home and away from home

With some insurers, you can insure permanent disability and death separately. You can then choose the insured amount for both.

Frequently asked questions about accident insurance

Do I need accident insurance?

If you are more likely to have an accident in everyday life, you may want to consider accident insurance. For example if you are a sportsman, do-it-yourselfer or motorcyclist, or if you have a risky profession. Risky sports are often excluded from coverage. With some insurers you can take out additional coverage.

What is accident insurance?

Accident insurance provides coverage if you become permanently disabled or die as a result of an accident. For example, if you fall, are hit by a car or are attacked. The insurer will then pay a fixed amount.

Why do I need accident insurance?

You probably don't want to think about it, but an accident can happen at any time. In the event of a serious accident, the costs can often be very high. For example, if you become permanently disabled and your home has to be adapted. Or if someone in your family dies and you have to deal with all kinds of costs. With an accident insurance you will receive a benefit after a serious accident, so you will not have to pay these costs all at once.

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