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Scooter insurance costs

Have you bought or are you planning to buy a scooter? Then, of course, you want to know how much scooter insurance premium is. However, what scooter insurance costs depends on a number of factors. For example, it depends on the type of scooter and the list value or daily value also strongly determines what you will have to pay per month or per year. In addition, the age of the youngest driver is taken into account. This is because, on average, young drivers incur more damage. Your zip code and the type of coverage you choose also play a major role. Have you accumulated claim-free years? Then you can get a discount on the premium.

Your scooter insurance coverage.

Third-party liability (mandatory)

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own scooter

WA Theft and Fire

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own scooter

WA Theft, Fire and Collision

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own scooter

Scooter insurance costs per year

You can determine the payment period for your scooter insurance. This can be by month, quarter, six months or annually. An annual payment is then generally cheaper than a monthly payment.

You don't save by choosing scooter insurance with limited coverage. Save money by comparing insurers. On our comparison site you can compare multiple insurers at once. That way, you can find out which scooter insurance suits you best.
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Average costs scooter insurance per month

What scooter insurance costs per month depends on, among other things, the coverage you choose. For scooter insurance, you have a choice of:

Third-party liability (TPL) insurance is compulsory insurance. This is the cheapest and least comprehensive coverage. This insurance only provides coverage against damage caused to others. Damage to your own scooter is not covered under this insurance.

The cost of scooter insurance with third-party + theft, fire and collision coverage is the highest. This coverage can therefore be compared with the all-risk car insurance. This also covers the costs to your own scooter in case of a collision for which you are at fault.

The average cost of scooter insurance per month varies from a few euros to several tens of euros. This depends on the factors mentioned above.


Scooter insurance for a 16 year old

In the Netherlands, you may drive a scooter if you have a scooter license and are at least 16 years old. Make sure the scooter is insured before you ride it. Scooter insurance for a 16-year-old is relatively expensive. This is because the risk for insurers is very high. Also, 16-year-olds have not yet accumulated any claim-free years. Damage-free years give a discount on the premium of a scooter insurance.

Questions about scooter insurance costs

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Also take a look at our frequently asked questions. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions per product.

Cheapest scooter insurance policies 2024

*The premiums are based on a fictitious person riding a 2009 Vespa Riva. The person is a male, 30 years old, living in Goes with 10 claim-free years. The calculation was made in January 2020 with the comparison tool of Alpina.nl.
Insurer Cover Monthly premium
Unigarant WA €6,70 Calculate premium
ASR Advantage Package WA €9,41 Calculate premium

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