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Liability insurance zzp care

Liability insurance for freelancers

As zzpin healthcare you can be held liable for any damage you cause during your work. Think, for example, of knocking over your client's computer. Or even worse: you (accidentally) make a medical error. In the first case the damage is often overlookable, but in the second case it can lead to a forse claim. What are in this context exactly advantages of liability insurance? What is covered? And what is the amount of premium you can expect to pay? Alpina explains!

What are the advantages of liability insurance? zzp for the healthcare sector?

Taking out liability insurance has several advantages. If you are insured, you exclude risk'risks. What kind of risks than? Think for example of for example damage to your client's belongings or or damage to your client's body. Are you insured for such risks? Then you do not have to worry about the financial part of a possible damage claim. In this way, liability insurance provides peace of mind and security.

Please note: Always make sure that you are well informed about the exact risks that are covered by a particular insurer. Contact your insurer or read the policy conditions thoroughly.

Liability insurance zzp care

What is covered with health insurance? zzp'ers?

What is covered and what is not by the insurance, depends on several factors: The package that you take out and the insurer with which you insurance take out the insurance for example. It also depends of course on your exact profession in health care.

Are you a dentist? Da you probably work at one location. Then it is also important that your assistant is co-insured, while as an obstetrician it may be convenient that you are insured at several locations. In both cases it is advantageous that you have coverage for equipment that needs to be replaced or repaired.d needt to be be replaced or repaired.

Need liability insurance? Compare premiums!

The following are often wél insured:

  • General liability;
  • Risk liability;
  • Professional liability;
  • Injury or damage to health, whether or not resulting in death;
  • Indirect consequential loss;
  • Costn to prevent or reduce damage;
  • Sum insured per event (depends on the sum insured);
  • Work at companies.

A number of pithy/important items are often insured as standard. You can always extend this by covering more risks. However, please note beware: this may lead to a higher premium.

The following are often not insured:

  • Liability for property damage or personal injury;
  • Damage caused by intent or recklessness;
  • Damages resulting from an infringement of intellectual property;
  • Property crimes, such as fraud and theft.
  • These are mainly things that are forbidden by law.

How to calculate the liability insurance premium easily zzp care?

The calculation of your premium depends on the risks that you want tot and the insurer you choose. Below is a list of factors that take into account in the calculation:

Having basis coverage:

  • Insured capacity;
  • Coverage area;
  • Own risk;
  • Sum insured per event.

Having aancillary coverings:

  • Particulars cover;
  • Foreign coverage;
  • Legal aid;
  • Accident coverage.

Ultimately, as you have read, it is very important to be well covered as a self-employed healthcare provider.. That way you can on your work with an easy mind.

Taking out liability insurance as a self-employed person in the healthcare sector?

Liability insurance ZZP care take out is not easy, since many insurers do not want towant to insure this risk. There are specialised liability insurers for Care.

At Alpina, you always get the most complete insurance at the right price. Do you have questions about getting insurance? Then please contact us or request a no-obligation quote.


Liability insurance for freelancers

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