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With trailer insurance , you insure your trailer for damage caused by such things as fire, vandalism, natural disasters and theft.

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All about trailer insurance

Have you recently purchased a trailer? If so, you may be looking into the best way to insure your trailer. In principle, you don't need separate insurance for your trailer, but you can always choose to take out special trailer insurance. With trailer insurance you insure your trailer for damage caused by such things as fire, vandalism, natural disasters and theft. It is also insured if the trailer is damaged by your own actions. You can also insure a horse trailer or boat trailer with trailer insurance.

What is trailer insurance?

Trailer insurance is special insurance for your trailer, semi-trailer, horse trailer or boat trailer. With trailer insurance you insure your trailer for damage and theft, such as damage to your trailer caused by fire, burglary or your own fault. Even if the cargo in the trailer causes damage, this is often covered as well.

Why insure a trailer?

With the WA coverage of your car insurance, you are insured for damage you cause to another person with the trailer. All liability damage is thus covered. However, it may be wise to insure a trailer separately. A trailer insurance has a hull all-risk coverage, so you are also insured for damage to the trailer caused by your own fault and damage caused by fire or theft, for example. You may want to consider this especially if the trailer has a high daily value.

What is insured with the trailer insurance?

Damage you cause to others with your trailer is covered by third-party car insurance or liability insurance. However, damage to your own trailer is not covered by these policies. For this you can take out a trailer insurance. With trailer insurance you are insured for various damages, such as damage caused by fire or burglary, and in case of theft.


With most insurers, the following damages are covered with a trailer insurance:

  • Theft of the trailer or parts of the trailer
  • Damage due to burglary
  • Damage by fire, explosion, lightning or short circuit
  • Damage by storm or hail
  • Collision damage

Not covered

There are also a number of items excluded from cover. Always check in the policy conditions in which situations the insurer in question does not provide cover, but this is often the case in the following situations:

  • Damage due to poor maintenance
  • Rental is not covered
  • There are no possibilities for replacement transport or assistance
  • Warranty cases
  • Damage due to joyriding/competitive driving
  • Damage to the contents of the trailer
  • Theft or break-in while the trailer was not locked properly
Compare trailer insurance

Remember to compare several trailer insurance policies in advance. At Alpina.nl you can calculate the premium for trailer insurance and then take out a policy right away. With just a few clicks you can see which insurance company has the best offer for you. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would rather consult our insurance specialists. They know everything about trailer insurance. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00 on 030 - 6883700. You can also send us your question at any time via chat, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Cost of trailer insurance

The cost of trailer insurance depends on a number of factors, such as the value of the trailer. To get a good idea of the costs, you can calculate an indication of the premium online at Alpina.nl . You can use our handy online comparison tool. After entering a number of details, you will get an indication of the monthly premium. You can then insure your trailer directly online.

Insuring a horse trailer

Do you want to insure a horse trailer? For this you can also take out trailer insurance. This is because a horse trailer also falls under the coverage of a trailer insurance. There are several insurers who offer trailer insurance. Especially when you have a new horse trailer, it is important that you insure it properly. However, always check carefully in the terms and conditions of the insurer what is covered. For example, a horse can damage the trailer itself, but this is not covered by every insurer.

Trailer insurance business

In addition to private trailer insurance, you can also insure your trailer for business purposes. A special business trailer insurance exists for this purpose. Especially if your trailer is an important part of your company's operations, it may be wise to take out business trailer insurance. If the trailer is stolen or damaged by fire, for example, you can be sure that you are properly insured and that problems will be resolved quickly so that work can continue as usual.

Boat Trailer Insurance

If you cause damage to another vehicle with a boat trailer, it falls under the third-party coverage of your car insurance. For example, if you collide with another car while reversing or if you hit another car with the trailer while changing lanes. However, the boat trailer itself does not fall under the coverage of third-party car insurance. You don't have to purchase separate boat trailer insurance, but can purchase trailer insurance. This not only covers a trailer, but also trailer such as a boat trailer or horse trailer.

Frequently asked questions about trailer insurance

Is it compulsory to insure a trailer?

You are not required to insure a trailer separately. It is already covered on the towing vehicle. When you cause damage with your trailer, it is covered by the third-party liability coverage of the car insurance. This coverage applies as long as you are driving a trailer, but also if it becomes detached. You can choose to insure the trailer with a special trailer insurance policy. Trailer insurance is especially wise when the trailer has a high daily value or is indispensable to you, such as because of work.

Which trailers can I insure?

With trailer insurance, you can insure a trailer, horse trailer, boat trailer or semi-trailer.

Can I insure a trailer against theft?

Yes, by purchasing trailer insurance you are insuring the trailer against theft. Without trailer insurance, damage to and theft of the trailer is not insured.

What does the premium of a trailer insurance depend on?

When calculating the premium, the insurer looks at:

  • The value of the trailer
  • The weight of the trailer
  • The own risk

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