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Car insurance for 1 day

Car insurance for 1 day is temporary third-party insurance for the day you go to the RDW inspection.

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All about car insurance for 1 day

Car insurance for 1 day is temporary third-party insurance for the day you have to go to the RDW inspection.

Why take out a one-day car insurance policy?

Every car on public roads must, as a minimum, be insured against third-party liability (WA). This insurance pays out if you cause damage to third parties with your vehicle. So it is very important that you always insure your car. Even if you only own the car for a short time. As soon as you start driving it, it is very important that the car is properly insured. With most insurers it is not possible to get a car insurance for 1 day. Through alpina.nl you can insure the car temporarily. It is not possible to take out temporary limited-casco or all-risk car insurance.

Do you need to buy day insurance for importing a car?

Currently, it is not possible to take out temporary insurance for importing a car. As long as the car has not officially been imported, you cannot take out regular car insurance in the Netherlands. However, a temporary solution can be provided abroad in the form of an export license plate. Make sure you have everything properly arranged before the car comes to the Netherlands. You must first move the car to the Netherlands before you can take out insurance. This is because you cannot insure a car with a foreign license plate in the Netherlands.

Proof of insurance within 5 minutes

Within 5 minutes after receiving the premium, we will send the insurance certificate by e-mail.

Insurance certificate for 1-day car insurance?

Alpina issues a certificate of insurance with the car insurance for 1 day. We send this certificate by e-mail. There is no coverage for damage to the car itself.

Can you cancel an insurance policy?

The insurance can be cancelled up to the effective date of the coverage, provided that this is communicated on a working day before 17:00. If the policyholder has or has enjoyed coverage, this insurance can no longer be cancelled via the right of withdrawal.

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